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Rachel Ray is a complete ignoramus

31 Mar

and I honestly can’t think of a single rational reason to take political cues from her. She’s just a stupid tool…

Only a great fool takes political advice from some two-bit, empty-headed housemaid. I am NOT a great fool.



31 Mar

yeah. But Bush was both a better man and a better President…

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There are

31 Mar

very good reasons to be armed. But the lie is that increases in guns leads to rudeness and violence. That is a bald-faced lie and a complete bastardization of the truth. It is 180 degrees wrong. It is like the lie that the NAZIs were on the right (the national SOCIALIST party) or that the left is not based in force and violence. But the lies have been repeated so often and for so long that less educated (on those points) people simply bleat and go along. For them, being wrong never felt so right…

In essence, this turns people’s good impulses against them in kind of a philosophical Jiu-Jitsu move.

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Yeah, Obama doesn’t

31 Mar

know what the heck he’s doing. The problem is that the world is far less safe because of his ideologically rigid bumbling.

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So could there be “Inherent Contempt”

31 Mar

charges for Lerner? I hope so. She’s just covering for her handlers. She certainly deserves jail, but I doubt that she will get it.

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But Obamacare

31 Mar

is so stinkin’ popular! You know, it’s a very popular thing. ¬†Yeah, whatever.

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Sometime you just

30 Mar

gotta choose.

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Don’t kid yourself,

30 Mar

there is a fertility gap. You may like it, and you may hate it. But it is unavoidably true.

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Wow, Obamacare

30 Mar

sure is popular!

I think people are finally catching on that this is a lefty piece of crap.

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As I’ve said before, Harry Reid

30 Mar

is a moral midget. He is utterly corrupt and an embarrassment to his professed faith and to humanity in general. That he was re-elected is a testament to a strange confluence of stupidity and gullibility.

Way to go, Nevada! You have self-identified as rubes.

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