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30 Apr

Shaggy! Time to Lawyer Up!

And this goes straight to our mendacious President. These are clearly impeachable offenses. I’m not one of the rabble who has kept calling for Obama’s impeachment–until now. There is now a body count, and the President obviously lied about it (and continues to). Over and over. To many people and agencies. I’m not at all sure he is legally legitimate.

So where was Obama when all this went down? The same place he went to when he repeatedly slipped reporters and went out on his own? Is he hiding a secret meeting with “Olaf?” Is THAT why he is so desperate to hide things? He sure doesn’t act like an innocent man, though he just may be trying to hide innocent ineptitude. We just can’t know for sure from here. THAT’s why he is NEVER supposed to go out alone.

The Democrats will whine that an impeachment is racially motivated, but it’s not. That is just a ruse for the stupid and gullible. Republicans will shy away from it for fear that it is a political loser. But it is the right thing to do. All the Obama secrecy and obfuscation has been in an effort to avoid having the facts come out into the open. Innocent men are not afraid of facts. Do what is right, let the consequence follow.

But yeah, there are some important questions that have yet to be answered.

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Sometimes it’s not fun

30 Apr

or pleasant to do your duty. It might not be popular with the hoi polloi. And you can bet that sniveling worms like Harry Reid will make as much hay as they can about any such thing. They will call you racist, a McCarthy-ite, and all sorts of bad names. They will impugn your integrity. Decent people may well come out against you out of ignorance (see: Job). We live in a world that very often punishes morality. You may sacrifice your good name and your reputation. But it still may be your duty! Don’t shirk from what is right. Doing what is morally right is often not at all easy or popular. I know that is hard for people like Harry Reid to understand, and pretty near characterologically impossible for them to actually do.

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I really don’t

30 Apr

mind if youngsters don’t vote. Those who are motivated to do so, will. Those who are not probably shouldn’t anyway.

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An important and even crucial lesson:

29 Apr

Always bring your own video camera and record the interview. Uhm, they lie. So protect yourself.

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29 Apr

waves the white flag on Obamacare and their utterly pathetic website. I found a really funny Lisa Loeb parody of the Oregon ads, but since it is HBO that did it, of course there is vile (and unnecessary) profanity right at the end. Too bad, it is funny.

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I think that’s totally right

29 Apr

and I rarely hear it. He is entirely correct, and we conservatives need to make the moral case more often. Lee’s father was a great man and I was quite sad to have him pass away. A terminal illness robbed us of him. He’s the guy who quipped, “Just because 99.9% of lawyers are dishonest doesn’t mean you should indict ALL of them!” Hilarious. And yes, he was a (great) lawyer. I miss Rex Lee. I’m sure Mike does, too.

But the issue now is that I am conservative because I care about people. I am conservative because I am moral. I think that this point needs to be made over and over. We need to make a moral case., and not just an economic one. Because the economic case is so strong and so obvious, we tend to focus there. The meme of the immoral conservative has been very successful for the left, though it is utterly false and Conservatives ignore that at their peril. The lefties think that if you tell a lie often enough, enough fools will believe you to get elected. Unfortunately, that has been successful for them in the past. It has encouraged them in their mendacity. And people of goodwill have been ensnared by their ruse.

It is a lefty lie that conservatives don’t want what is good for people or are mean. That is the exact opposite of the truth. Ask Pol Pot. Yeah, and the NAZIs were NOT of the left! <shakes head> Even though they said they were, and their very name invoked socialism. I’m just sick of the lies. I really don’t mind disagreement, but don’t lie. If you believe what you say, say why. I think we need to make the case that morality requires that I be conservative. I am not going to just mindlessly swallow what you say. I’m sorry, but I don’t pray that way.


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Could the media

28 Apr

finally do their jobs vis-a-vis Obama? I hope so, but I am far from optimistic.

The lamestream media has been unforgivably Obama cheerleaders, part and parcel of Team Obama. The New York Times has been the most prominent serial offender, and unfortunately many others take their cues from them. I’m not at all sure they can recover–their mendacity in the service of Obama has been revealed for all to see. The curtain has been pulled back, and now there is no way to unring that bell. Leftists have destroyed science with the “man-made global warming” hoax as well as public trust in the media in general. Every crackpot theory is now every bit as plausible as anything you read in the NYT. And a good deal of the blame for our current problems falls directly on them. If they had just done their jobs, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But now an unmoored post-modernism is all that is left. We are quite literally rudderless on a Godless sea.

But I can play that (deadly serious) epistemological game. I am quite familiar with Rorty and Fish and Lakatos and Giorgi and Williams. To paraphrase Socrates (as reported by Plato in The Theatetus), why should I believe the NYT any more than I would a dog-faced baboon? Seems like my own judgment and interpretation is just as valid (or more) as theirs! At least I am open about the epistemological grounds upon which I am standing. They certainly are not.

So now that the NYT and their mindless lackeys have pooped in the soup, we are left with ONLY our own wits. The whole Kitty Genovese thing was a fraud (though in college it was taught as truth). So now I not only have to read the news, I have to make a validity judgment. There are no “facts.” There is no “objectivity.” So now why should I even care what the boobs at the NYT say?

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I’ve just got to say that

28 Apr

spelling is your friend. Nothing says, “Uneducated rube” like a mis-spelled ad. Nothing says, “Do not buy from this company” like this ad. Nature’s way of saying, “Do not touch!”


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The only moral

28 Apr

thing to do is to become a Captain Soule. He chose morality over obedience., and that may be the choice that comes to us. I sure hope not. But to paraphrase Shakespeare, we may have greatness thrust upon us. I really hope it is not in my day, but so think ALL who face such challenges. It is painful, but at some point one might have to make a command decision, like Captain Soule did. He was insubordinate and treasonous. He was also morally right.

At some point you have to take a moral stand. It’s getting to the point that we can no longer just smile vacantly and paper over the civil rights abuses. That chasm is both inevitable and is growing wider. At some point you will no longer be able to straddle it and you will have to jump to one side or the other.  But like in the past, now is the time that all good people need to come to the aid of their country.

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28 Apr


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