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As usual for this guy,

31 May

really well said. It makes no sense to impose limits on normal people when such limits MIGHT be effective for a very few (extremely few).

Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

But I think it betrays a more “core” belief: no one needs a gun and no one should have one. This is merely a blind. Now we can argue about that assumption, but don’t pretend that this is about the news du jour–it’s not. This is NOT a a good-faith argument, it is a con. We could discuss how to make such things less likely or less deadly, and I think that could be productive. But we need to understand that the CA shooter got his guns legally in a state with draconian gun laws. There’s no way the country as a whole would adopt such regulations, and they are very likely unconstitutional. It certainly appears that way. And even those draconian laws are manifestly ineffective. In fact, there’s just no way to have a world without guns (read the article, it’s fantastic).

As a disabled person, I am very grateful for devices that “give claws to the weak.”


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The truth is,

30 May

government-run medicine just doesn’t work very well.


Wow, Obamacare

30 May

sure is popular!

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From a scientific

30 May

standpoint, I don’t think there’s much question that dietary fats do not translate into higher blood lipid levels. But there is a caveat:

If I get half my calories from carbohydrates and half from non-carbohydrates, that is the worst of all possible worlds, unless my diet is very restricted in terms of calories. The meat is very calorically dense. But because of the carbohydrates, I get none of the metabolic benefit of eating mainly non-carbohydrates. Insulin levels rise and those calories are therefore put into fat, often starving other cells and leading to increased hunger. And the more fat cells you have to fill up, the hungrier you will get. So the fatter you are, the hungrier you get. Carbohydrates make those fat cells yell, “Feed me, Seymour!” As Gary Taubes has said, you are not getting fat because you’re hungry, you’re getting hungry because you’re fat.

1000 calories of bread will leave you far hungrier in an hour than 500 calories of meat. Why do you think that the joke is that if you eat American-style Chinese food, you are hungry again in an hour? Uh, rice, breaded meats, and sticky sweet sauces. Yeah, you ate many calories, but they were never used for energy. Those calories never got to the cells that needed them, and those cells still want some. The insulin levels rose and so the calories were put into fat, leaving other cells still “hungry.” So once the gut is empty again, you find yourself literally starving once more (the stomach distention is gone, and therefore it is easy to feel that you are hungry). So you go to the refrigerator and eat more of that leftover sweet and sour chicken with rice…

Now leafy greens will not do that. But Leafy greens are not very calorically dense so you have to eat a ton of them. Why do you think horses are eating all the time? It just takes a lot of grass to make them not hungry or allow them to build muscle and body structures. It works, but it is simply not very efficient. In terms of calories, it is far more efficient to be a carnivore.

So go to one side or the other. The “mushy middle” is the worst of all possible places to be. I can eat a very calorically restricted portion of bread and rice, or I can eat a big steak with a side of bacon and buttered broccoli and a pure cream chaser. But I can’t do both and hope to lose weight or be healthy. A big steak with a large full-leaded Coke drink is a recipe for disaster.

I think the scientific evidence is very clear that a carbohydrate-rich diet is a major problem for us. It is not fats driving the exploding diabetes problem in our country. It is carbohydrates (sugar and things that quickly metabolize to sugar). But don’t combine fats and carbohydrates. That is the worst of all possible worlds.

The next debunking is about salt.

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Well, I

29 May

certainly hope so. As a disabled veteran, I am truly grateful for the VA. But that doesn’t mean that there are not obvious improvements to be made.

Right now, a veteran can log onto a website and re-order medications (they arrive by mail). I think that part should remain in place. And that is the easiest part of the arrangement and it totally fits with what I am suggesting. But other than that there should be a voucher system in effect. Then again, there should be a voucher system for education, too (though I digress).

That just makes sense. In the transition, give each veteran a choice of whether to go to a VA hospital or to get a voucher. There is just no reason to build hospitals and hire people, when you can simply use vouchers. And some veterans live nowhere near a VA hospital. So I guess they are out of luck? Vouchers solve that particular problem, too.

Each veteran has an ID card. Make it like a credit card to get swiped at the doctor’s office. Each veteran would have a certain amount of money loaded onto that card (along with important medical information), maybe each month. Get with this century! This would save billions and billions and provide far better care. Let’s stop being stupid about this!

But yes, Obamacare is the real victim of this scandal. And rightly so.

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I certainly

28 May

hope so.

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You can only

28 May

blame Bush for so long. After that it is a sick joke.

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I think there’s little

26 May

doubt that feminism is a Darwinian dead end, as postulated by some others (no link for several good reasons). But while this happens over several lifetimes (usually) the forces are inexorable, just the same.

Think about it; they have several abortions and rear what children they do have to also not want children. Their few kids may “grow up” to actually HATE children! And they probably only have one, which is not even enough to replace mom and dad. So the only people who consistently reproduce in even close to sufficient numbers value families and children. Do you think that won’t have a major effect over a century?

Yes, feminism is a Darwinian dead end.

We need to understand that traditional notions of home and family are traditional for very good reasons!

The Spaniards are a good example. Just how many Spaniards have you even met? I think I’ve met 2 or maybe 3 in my whole life! Yet they were a major power for centuries. Will your kids or grandkids ever even meet one? Not Mexican, but Spaniard. What about a Japanese person? I think they are already past the point of no return in terms of demographics, and will be extinct as a people in a generation or two. How many Japanese people will your great-grandchild have ever met? Or will it just be a storybook legend, like Spaniards are to my kids–just something that was on The Princess Bride?


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The Socialist Horror that is

25 May

the VA. I, like most Veterans, am grateful for the care the VA provides. As someone with a service-connected disability, I can tell you that this is huge. But there are definitely ways to make major improvements in this system.

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Wow, what a

25 May

great way to fight crime! We all KNOW just how often people use hunting rifles to commit crimes! And .22 rifles are the WORST!

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