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Democrats: “I’m poor like you!”

30 Jun

They have to keep this facade up in order to fool the rubes. Of course it’s false.

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Well, they were probably

30 Jun

not actually sleeping. I think it was far more active than that.


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Antarctic sea ice

30 Jun

is now at the greatest recorded level. Must be the “Al Gore Effect.”

And these fools were lecturing us on global warming…

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Yeah, there should

29 Jun

be a special prosecutor–DUH! But Eric Holder is Obama’s goalie and will do his best to make sure nothing damaging gets past him.

So there should be a special prosecutor both for the the Benghazi scandal and in the IRS scandal. One more and Obama could have the trifecta!


I think

27 Jun

this is perhaps the single best reason for dividing California into several states. Let the liberals eat what they can kill. They are NOT representative of the rest of California.

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If you let your political views

27 Jun

dictate your business moves, you will eventually get hosed.

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Let’s hope

27 Jun

that things really DO change. Right now, the regular news media is so in the tank for the Democrats it’s not funny. They simply have not done their jobs. I fully understand that they are getting pressure from their bosses and even from the administration itself to “spin” things a certain way. But what they are doing is not right and is materially damaging to the country. THEY bear a great deal of responsibility for the mess we are in. And that is because of their chronic dishonesty.

They truly are the palace guard. In fact, I think I will start using. “Palace Guard Media” has a certain cachet to it! Oh, and it is brutally accurate.

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A total

27 Jun

whipping. You know the administration is hopelessly full of crap when they can’t get a single one of their own nominees to agree with them. Wow!

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The IRS scandal

27 Jun

may be secondary:


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26 Jun

pretty much.

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