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In honor of

31 Jul

Milton Friesman’s birthday,


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Tell me again,

31 Jul

just WHO was out of touch? Oh yeah, Hillary. Keep that in mind come November of 2016.

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It’s pretty clear that

31 Jul

Obama has checked out. Welsher. I guess it was too much to expect that he would buck up and be a man.

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I’m totally

30 Jul

not shocked. One little bit.

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I thought Marco Rubio was dead

30 Jul

in the water. But just maybe (to quote Monte Python) he’s not quite dead. He seems to be feeling better, let’s say. He certainly flirted with death, and the fact that he even did so gives me great pause. It’s huge. But I just listened to an interview of him and he sounded very much alive.

I’ve been a huge Bobby Jindal fan for years, but let’s see what happens. Either would be a dang sight better than what we have now! Maybe a Jindal/Rubio or Rubio/Jindal ticket…

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Lawsuit to show there is no Copyright

29 Jul

to the song, “Happy Birthday To You.” I’d put a link in, but there is some very bad language in the comments. A pity. I sure wish people would clean up their act and get a dang clue! Idiots. Sorry, I spent too much time working with Marines to be at all impressed with that kind of crap. Suffice it to say that the plaintiffs say that there is simply no legal reason to side with the company, and they want Time/Warner to refund all the ill-gotten gains they have already collected over the years. But I certainly hope this case goes to trial and that the stupid copyright claims are struck down. I worry that there will be a settlement. In that case, plaintiffs will get a lot of money but the actual question is not decided and so Time/Warner keeps bullying people. I want the knife stuck in to the hilt.

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It’s time to have

29 Jul

healthy meals! Yeah.

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Food NAZI says:

28 Jul

No bake sales for you!”

Though I admit that it sounded better in the original German…

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As Obama said,

28 Jul

“The bear is loose!” Yep.potus_lotsa

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Yeah, I wish

28 Jul

they had, too.

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