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Yeah, many crucial IRS

31 Aug

Hard drives have “crashed,” but there is no smoking gun!


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What capitulation

31 Aug

looks like.

Who actually believes this crap? HONESTLY

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What is interesting to me

30 Aug

is that I didn’t even know that Paul Ryan even HAD a book out, and yet he still outsold Hillary! Wow.

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Words Obama can’t say:

29 Aug

You were right and I was wrong.” And his psychopathology means all of us are in trouble.


“The backups were inadvertently lost!”

29 Aug

Yeah, right. Only an extremely stupid person thinks there was no effort to deceive, here. I am NOT an extremely stupid person…

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Yeah, it’s terrible what Michelle Obama (an unelected

28 Aug

nanny) is doing to our kids.

But I like the fact that these kids are seeing what Leftism really is. The smiley mask has been dropped and now we clearly see the fangsĀ that were always there. I really hope this is an enlightening moment for the kids. I mean, it’s not like kids are going to be shy about this sort of thing.

I think that very possibly this could bode well for the future. They are seeing the rank immorality of Leftism, and it may turn them off for good. I have a book coming out on this very subject quite soon. I really hope you read it.

In short, we need to make the moral case for conservatism.

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28 Aug

IRS is totally corrupt.

I like the idea of seeing how a judge reacts to the “It’s just too inconvenient” defense. Lame. Really lame. It’s not like the IRS would take such crap from a taxpayer!

Having dealt with these folks, I can tell you they are NOT a very forgiving lot, even when a mistake is obviously and clearly accidental and everyone knows there was no intent to defraud.

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Wanna know why

28 Aug

the fight in WI has been so big? Here’s why.

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Don’t worry, the IRS

28 Aug

is totally ethical!

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Rant of the day:

27 Aug

Come ON people! Use your turn signals! I know you think the world revolves around you, but others want to know what you are doing. Let’s be a little considerate.

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