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Yeah, even Switzerland

30 Sep

rejects a single-payer approach to health care. Why? Because it is a dog that don’t hunt.

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Very interesting.

30 Sep

Very interesting indeed.

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On, that is funny

30 Sep

in sort of a sick way. Let’s just be clear, it is never Obama’s fault.

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Yeah, the “straight lines”

30 Sep

fairly well write themselves.


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Yeah, there’s no

29 Sep

voter fraud <rolls eyes>

Time to pull your freakin’ head out and wise up!

As Glenn Reynolds says: yeah.

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Yeah, you SHOULD be

29 Sep

concerned. But aren’t you a little late to the party?

If concerns about unconstitutional behavior on Obama’s part were a major issue, it would have been an issue for the last half decade. I think we are seeing a bunch of “Johnny Come Lately” folks jumping on the bandwagon. You’ll forgive me if I’m just a wee bit skeptical.

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Lots of armchair generals have

29 Sep

whined about Dick Cheney, but we need to face the actual facts. He was right. And anyone with a smidgeon of self-awareness and honesty both sees it and needs to admit that. He was right and YOU were wrong. Case closed. So own it. It’s virtually impossible to both change and to keep lying to yourself about such things. Time to come clean…


Why on earth would people think

29 Sep

that Obama is probably lying? Because they know what kind of person he is. Lying is what he does, but we already know that. His history shows that he is not trustworthy.

Oh, is GITMO closed?

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Online learning at least

28 Sep

as good as traditional instruction. Wow.

My personal view is that some things like foreign language are best taught in a classroom. Participation is crucial. But there’s no reason I could not learn Algebra online.

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And yet some continue

28 Sep

to prattle on about how there is no significant voter fraud. Utterly head-in-the-sand. It is a mark that a person (at best) has been snookered. Time to wise up!

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