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Yeah, I would

31 Oct

be very concerned. Stephanopoulous is a hack, pure and simple. He is not a fair moderator of the debate. If I were Brown, I would refuse to even go there. Then I would make a huge stink about the moderator. Do a whole press conference on that subject. I would then invite Shaheen to the new debate and lambaste her if she refused. I would make the argument about fairness–I would show up and just wait for her. Then flood the airways with, “Where was Jean?” ads. The ads practically write themselves. People would almost for sure respond to that. Go for the kill or go home.

But this should have been set up weeks ago.

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Things are

31 Oct

looking goodbut as Glenn Reynolds says, we can’t get cocky. And then we need to understand that voter fraud is a major component of the Democrat vote, so while things do look good right now, it’s no guarantee of the future. But if it’s not close, fraud becomes much less of an issue. So polls have a margin of error. And elections have a margin of fraud. More’s the pity.

Those who don’t believe in voter fraud also tend to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny… They are not stupid, they are naïve in the extreme. I don’t so much hate them as pity them. It’s sad to be so gullible.

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I can tell you

31 Oct

that in “flyover country,” smug very aptly describes the overwhelming number of Leftists here. It’s defensive. It’s psychopathological. But it’s there in spades

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You want affordable housing?

31 Oct

Vote Conservative.

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I think we have

31 Oct

long assumed that the only real progress in the human condition would be through government or state action. That clearly is not true. Government has shown that it is just not very competent (at best), and is often outright malicious. The wonderful Lefty dream of a heaven on earth is dead–it just has no basis in reality. It actually never did (and led to many deaths), but it sure fooled a lot of people, even decent people. I’m not fooled. It’s time that we all shook off our intellectual chains.

You need to understand that my argument is one in principle. It’s not that this approach was just not done very well. It is not that we just need better managers. This is not merely a failure of competence or expertise. It is that in principle Leftism cannot work as designed and hoped. You can argue for better execution, but that won’t change the fact that it is in principle wrong. Certainly at this election season we need to understand that.

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Yeah, no

30 Oct

voter fraud. Right. How stupid do you think I am?

Remember, a fraudulent vote cancels out your legitimate vote.

And if you want to vote fraudulently, La Raza has put out some helpful instruction. Yeah, no voter fraud at all. I just wonder, “Do I look stupid?”



30 Oct

The Reason. 3-D printed metal guns are here, and there’s no way to stop this train. Your 18th-century approach is no longer valid. It is no longer 1980. So deal with it–what is your solution?

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I think this is a

30 Oct

big deal. As is written about here, Technology is a big deal. I have MS. I am in my 40s. This post was dictated on the dictation software. I could not have done that even five years ago, and it just came with my computer. So this is not only a big deal just to the elderly, but to the disabled as well. I dictate texts on my phone–I just say, “Text my daughter” (actually, I have two, so I have to say the name). I just tell my phone to call my wife and it does. I have a chair at the raises up mechanically at the push of a button. I have an electric wheelchair and scooter. I love my wheeled walker. I can dictate emails, and did that this morning. I can’t wait for driver-less cars. The future is now, and robots are a big part of that future.

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Wow. Just wow.

30 Oct

So it appears that that the government placed incriminating evidence on a private citizen’s computer so they could later charge her with things. Wow.

We need to understand that this throws all convictions into question. If I have child porn on my computer, did I put it there or was it put there by a malicious government? How about a drug deal? Suddenly, I don’t know. We now see the need for a strong encryption for everyone. It is not that you have something to hide, it is that you don’t trust the government and realize that they can plant evidence if they don’t like you. Welcome to the Brave New World.

I have a feeling that security, not mere convenience, is the next big selling point. We are already starting to see that, but this is just the beginning.

There is a little that I hate more than child pornography. I have been involved in several prosecutions. And this unlocks the perpetrators’ cell doors. I don’t like that. When there is no privacy, there is no law.


Yeah, one has to be a very

30 Oct

special type of ignorant to pretend that there is no meaningful voter fraud. Well, I guess you could be a hack or just a naif, too. But this is freakin’ OBVIOUS! It’s time to wake up…

Let’s face it, we have Obamacare now because of voter fraud. Don’t tell me that it is insignificant.