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Bummer that

31 Dec

we’re losing so much sea ice. No wonder all the polar bears are dying. Our kids will walk down the street and not even see a polar bear!

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According to Thomas Sowell,

31 Dec

in 1960, 22% of the Black population came from a single-parent household. That is about 100 years after slavery (a despicable practice, I agree). NOW, after all the social welfare schemes that have been put into place, it is more than 3 times that. How is that good for anyone? How is that progress? I mean, we KNOW that kids do better financially, cognitively, and in every other measurable way (as a group) when there are 2 parents.

This is a classic example of how Leftism backfires. We have materially harmed black people under the guise of helping. Please, stop trying to help! You only make things worse. Far worse.

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We need to

29 Dec

understand what is important, here!

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Our media

28 Dec

In their typical stance:


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What is the

28 Dec

biggest, most life-changing technology since the automobile? 3-D printing.

There is truly NOTHING even close to as big. It makes gun laws obsolete (I can already make the guts of an untraceable AR-15). It makes home fabrication a snap. No, it’s not ideal or foolproof right now. But you are a great fool to think that won’t change. Even now there are now units that will make things out of metal in reach (barely) of the home enthusiast. And they will get exponentially cheaper and faster. A decent 3-D printer will soon be as ubiquitous and easy to use as the microwave, and for many of the same reasons. You will get them for $100 at Sears. No home will be without one. And plans/instructions will be all over the web.

I was the first person I know to have a microwave as a kid. It cost a TON and was big and heavy. Now you can go to Walmart and get one for the dorm for $30. We recently had a microwave finally give up the ghost after 6 years. It was FAR cheaper to just go buy a new one than to try and repair the old one. And that is well within HALF of my lifetime!

Just recently a tool was needed on the International Space Station. They didn’t have it. There was of course no way to have it delivered. So they 3-D printed it. But this technology will only improve. It won’t be only the domain of NASA and experts. And this is a VERY Libertarian thing.

We live in a different world, now. You need to get on the train or get out of the way before you get run over.

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The economy is getting

27 Dec

better. But there may be good reasons other than Obama’s actions. It my be in spite of Obama, not because of him.

Now that a Republican congress is on the way, now that the impact of Obama’s stupid policies will be blunted, with all the pent-up demand, we are seeing some movement. So we need to understand that Obama’s policies have been very bad for working people. But we may now be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and markets are responding in accord with that.

Obama and Obamaphiles will want to point to this as “proof” that Leftist policies work. Nonsense.

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It truly has been a really

25 Dec

bad few weeks for Leftism.

But the truth is, I think it goes much further than that. Obama is the most far-left President we have ever had. He has now lost the Senate as well as the House. Only 15% of active duty people think he is doing a good job (I honestly don’t know why it is THAT high). And it’s MUCH worse when we look at the states, both legislatures and governorships are very firmly in the hands of Republicans, thanks to Obama. He truly is “peak Left.”

The Democrat model has been PROVED to not work (though perspicacious people have known that for some time). The masses are finally coming around to reality.

So it’s clearly not a great time to be a Leftist. And don’t kid yourself, this is not just a random fluctuation. This is a rational response to Leftism. It’s a dog that don’t hunt. Hopefully the scales are falling from people’s eyes.

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

25 Dec
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Well, it certainly

24 Dec

IS a friendlier environment in almost all ways.

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Yes, it’s true that

24 Dec

liberals (Leftists) are firmly in a liberal cocoon. And they have gotten soft, a pale shadow of what they once were. But there is danger for the right, too.

The Key is Disagreement

Perhaps the most valuable thing I have is people who strongly disagree with me. It keeps me intellectually on my toes. It makes me craft good arguments. It sends me to check my facts. The nation may become far more conservative, but we certainly don’t want to lose the criticism–it would be devastating.

Being in a Conservative cocoon is also a recipe for disaster. The other side may indeed be wrong, but I need to formulate responses and articulate arguments. This won’t happen if I only talk to myself. If I am a fighter, I truly need a good sparring partner. I certainly won’t get better beating up on patsies. In skiing, the old adage is that “if you’re not falling, you’re not improving.” Same with politics. If you are not faced with real opposition, you stagnate. If you want to destroy an idea, let it be without opposition for a generation.

So I like being the insurgent conservative. But there is real danger in being the “home team.”

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