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Your media

28 Feb

in action. Of course it is fiction, but it certainly has the “ring” of truth…

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28 Feb

Obama knows he can’t ban firearms so he is trying to ban the needed ammunition. I just don’t see how that is even close to valid.

It seems to me that court would strike this kind of nonsense down in a heartbeat, and not without ample precedent. Obama’s actions are just disingenuous in the extreme. Actually, no one is fooled for a second.

I know, let’s ask Hillary if she approves of that action.

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I have said it before,

28 Feb

but I am pretty sure that Obama represents peak Leftism. Let’s face it, Leftism is exhausted and just out of new and exciting ideas. Like ‘net neutrality shows, it only has recycled bad old ideas.

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Why have unions fallen

27 Feb

out of favor? Why so drastic a change?

Part of the answer is the legacy of violence inherent in the unions. My father talks about how, as a young poultry worker, a crowd of workers he was in was physically threatened with violence by union thugs (and this was by no means an isolated event). This really turned him off forever, and it is multi-generational–his kids hated unions, too.

No, the day of the union Orcs is rapidly drawing to a close.

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27 Feb

The MSM are NOT your friends. That is one mistake McCain made (though there were many over the years).

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Harry Reid unethical?

26 Feb

Oh, and water is wet. Reid as long been in involved in morally shady activities. That’s just who he is. The leopard doesn’t change his spots.

He’s not immoral because he is a Democrat. He has always been immoral.

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26 Feb

not really a surprise.

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Maybe you are

26 Feb

confused as to Obama’s veto of the Keystone pipeline. Don’t be. This is just payola for the spittle-lipped left.

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Folks, let’s

26 Feb

take a hard look at the data. This is NOT a successful Presidency.

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I think this really

26 Feb

is dangerous. We don’t really know what will happen in the future, and we don’t want to ruin things altogether. That is only prudent. But we get the distinct impression that Obama would be happy to bring the whole structure down in order to get what he wants in the short-term.

Now Obama certainly doesn’t really care about such things–he has routinely done things that he would have a fit about if someone of the other party did. Hypocrisy just doesn’t bother him. But everyone else would be wise to pay attention.

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