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I TOTALLY agree.

31 Mar

MOOCs may save the world, or at least US higher education. But I think it goes far deeper than that.

I think many (though not all) high school classes are well-suited to an online teaching setting. Given that a new public high school costs A FREAKIN’ TON of money and that once they are built, if the population goes down they are just a very expensive ashtray for a non-smoker, it only makes sense that many or most high school classes be taught online, where there is far more flexibility. The current system is expensive and makes good sense for elementary education, but not so much for high school education. It makes even less sense for college.

The issue is that such a plan threatens the entrenched high school teacher system. Yes, it makes total sense. But the teachers unions are powerful and with this plan means I can teach 70 students as well as I can teach 20. But when cents starts to count, you can bet what will happen, and high school teachers won’t like it. Right now there is just relatively high pay and very high benefits. But that cannot last forever. You could double the pay and increase quality of the teacher (hire far fewer high school teachers), increase quality in general, and avoid expensive building projects if classes were primarily online.


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So what really

31 Mar

did happen to Harry Reid? He is clearly lying.

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Well, that’s

30 Mar

because it is quite ludicrous. Even a complete fool recognizes THAT. No one (non-hack) with greater than room temperature IQ actually believes her. And even the normal IQ hacks don’t really believe her. My advice to dishonest Democrat apologists: Stop besmirching yourselves. You are making a total idiot of yourself. No one believes that crap, so stop with the moronic show-belief! Stop your snake-oil salesman schtick. No one of any sense buys it. To quote a recent movie, “Sell crazy someplace else–we’re all stocked up here.”


When the going gets tough,

30 Mar

the tough go golfing. Yep!


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30 Mar

Harry Reid is “retiring.” And this after even very recently he said he was running again. Wow. Why the change of heart?

I think the main issue is that the Democrats are indeed likely to lose the next Presidential election, and Reid knows that. Then Reid will (finally) be subject to a DOJ investigation–he will no longer have Obama to run defense for him. He is “dirty” and he knows he can’t stand up to legal scrutiny. He is hoping that by leaving he will avoid such legal scrutiny.

Another issue is that many of his voters are still mad about electing him last time. He would be very vulnerable against a half-decent challenger–he didn’t face that last time, and given the general mood of the voters, it is time for him to get the heck out of Dodge. He would no longer be able to gull Nevada voters by saying that they can’t afford to get rid of him because he is the majority leader and can “bring home the bacon” for the state. Now he mainly brings home the bacon for himself, but it is risky (hence the facial bruising–of course it didn’t happen the way he said it did! Can you imagine a product failing and causing severe and permanent injuries and having NO liability suit from Reid? Neither can I. This is truly “the dog that didn’t bark” and it speaks volumes–it is “the curious part.” I don’t know if it was a mob action–could have been–but it almost  certainly wasn’t an exercise band one).


If it’s bad,

30 Mar

it’s almost for sure caused by global warming, right?

Of course, this is just a ruse to fool the rubes and to further Leftism. DUH! Can you not see through it? No matter how bogus, no matter how unscientific, there will be no shortage of people who will bleatingly go along…

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Is Hillary even a viable candidate?

30 Mar

Hard to know if many people are so dumb as to vote for a known liar. And while she will surely stay out of prison, it is pretty clear that she is a felon. She must think the people in general are really stupid and gullible. And what was there had to have been so bad that doing what she is doing is better–she is willing to kiss the Presidency goodbye after that has always been her life goal rather than have those emails made public. Makes you wonder what was on them, eh?

I mean, what kind of fool believes that she set up a home server and routed all official emails through there so no one would see her yoga routines? I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

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It really IS a

30 Mar

good question: What REALLY happened to Harry Reid? I think it is a very good question, and his exercise band explanation is obviously a lie. No, it either was an event that showed he is an old and decrepit man, or he was beat up by thugs and has a very good reason to hide it. Let’s just say that he obviously didn’t fall down the stairs…

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Yeah, even

30 Mar

Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. Hillary is more Nixonian than Nixon… Yeah, lots of people are recognizing that fact.

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Death spiral.

29 Mar

It has already begun.

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