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Let me say again,

30 Apr

their is a simple solution to this whole gay marriage deal.

Get the gov’t out of the marriage business altogether.

There IS no “marriage” from a legal standpoint. Or everyone gets a marriage license. Same thing–there is no meaningful difference. Each person owes in taxes what he or she owes, regardless of marital status. This is easier with a flat tax, but it is not crucial for this to work. Everyone files income tax. So live with and “marry” whomever or whatever you want in any number. If you have common property, there are guidelines for that. You live together more than X years? It’s a common-law “marriage.” Get a “prenup,” you fool! The only issue is the contract.

Now, if you want to be married in the Catholic Cathedral, go talk to the Priest. He can put whatever strictures he wants on his own property. You don’t have to be married by the Catholic Priest. You can have a ceremony done by any bum on the street (or none at all). Such a marriage is a religious issue, not a State  one. The State should just butt out.


Look, there

30 Apr

is always something! It was bad science then, and it’s bad science now. When will we ever learn?

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Fiorina is EXTREMELY interesting

30 Apr

as a Presidential hopeful. I could see her teaming up with Rubio or Jindal and being a very serious contender.

I’ll tell you who else might well make a splash (though in the future) Tom Cotton.


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Many politicians are

30 Apr

driven by polls and work to “stand for” whatever happens to be popular at the moment. But that is a trap. Such moral incontinence is the main reason the people think so poorly of politicians. Decide what you believe first, then hold to it.


We need to understand

30 Apr

that the “blue”model brings destruction. Folks, this is NOT mere “bad luck.” No, this is the product of really bad political philosophy. People need to wisen up! I certainly hope the country gets a lot wiser very soon. I think the data are very clear: Leftism simply doesn’t work. Get a freakin’ clue!

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Let’s not kid ourselves:

29 Apr

Conservatism is about reform. It’s about doing the morally right thing to do. Leftism is all about force and the restriction of moral agency. And it has been that way for a very long time. It just gets repackaged every now and again, so as to fool more people. And it is very successful in that. In kind of a moral Jiu-Jitsu, it turns people’s desire for others to do well into despotism. We need to be wise, here.

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Rubio is making

29 Apr

good sense. Look, if you’re really good in anything you will make a ton of money. But you need to understand that it is extremely unlikely that you will be widely considered to be the best there is. I know a lot of folks who are very gifted, but none of them are rich and famous because of it. You should NOT bet on it.

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If folks were more scientifically literate,

28 Apr

we wouldn’t be snookered by the global warming climatistas.

It really torques me off, because it leads to distrust of science itself. It undermines the very epistemological basis of science. I agree that science is not the only way to know things, but it is a very good one. Those who engage in this fraud discredit all knowledge gained by science. But the problem is not science, but these particular scientists! They have sold their birthright for the proverbial mess of pottage. They have clearly shown that even science can be bastardized, turned to political ends. They  have pooped in the soup of scientific epistemology, and now we are rightly very skeptical about what science tells us. No one wants to eat what they’re serving.

In other words there is only opinion. That was clear to philosophers of science before now (see Amadeo Georgi and Paul Feyerabend–though be warned that it is NOT light reading), but now the general population is having to come to grips with these very issues. Look here for a great (but not cheap, now) discussion of the issues. But you have to be really into it to buy a paperback for $60). Disclosure: Rich Williams was my dissertation chair and I had a class where he taught directly from that book. I have also used it when I taught epistemology at a couple universities.

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I doubt we will ever

28 Apr

be able to PROVE Hillary is a criminal and richly deserves to be in prison. Yes, that is almost for sure true, but I doubt she would leave evidence that could decisively show her misdeeds. OF COURSE she is a dishonest trickster. But it will never be proved in a court of law. She is far too careful and wily for that.

And that proves another point: rules and penalties do NOT ensure honesty. You can’t legislate morality. Any attempt is ultimately doomed to fail. That is a fact that the Left seems not to understand. The harder you squeeze, the more it squirts between your fingers.

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Yeah, you’re an English major.

27 Apr

But it’s not like you have to study Shakespeare!

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