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Internet problems.

30 May

I’ll be back Monday.

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I just LOVE

28 May

getting ripped off by cell providers! I have seriously looked at changing, but there are barriers.


Ruh-Roh Shaggy!

28 May

It looks like planes are not safe from cyber attack. That is a huge problem. Massive.

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27 May


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I totally agree:

27 May

Jeb should withdraw. It would be the patriotic thing to do. He should do it NOW, before it is too late to think well of him.


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It’s high time

27 May

we acknowledged the truth. I have heard many otherwise sane people unthinkingly spout the Democrat “Bush lied” stupid troll. It is nothing but a damnable Lefty lie. They should know better, and thinking people do.

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So some of the

27 May

Hillary emails are missing. Shocker.

Did you think otherwise? If so, you are a fool and a rube…

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The wages

26 May

of minimum wage:

Silly Leftists!



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I think the wave of the (near) future

26 May

is biometric security. Several years ago I bought a desktop safe that opens with my fingerprint (and my wife’s). It cost me $60. I bought it at Wal-Mart. Not exactly esoteric stuff.

Apple has done a great thing with its fingerprint security deal. Already there are at least eperimental iris scans to open cell phones, and that will become standard and extremely reliable. With the Obama NSA crap, security will be a MAJOR selling point. Already Apple is telling the Feds not to subpoena them because there is no way Apple can unlock those phones. Applepay depends on biometrics, as soon will ALL credit transactions (signatures are SO last century). “Black” and uncrackable (in terms of content AND conversations) phones are getting to be all the rage. No one now wants to be known as a government toady, and even government toadies like Apple are heading for the hills. Security is the ONLY reason Blackberry has not gone out of business–it is their only merit.



26 May


Yeah, Science is bastardized, and it is too bad. We live in a truly post-modern world where there ARE no facts, only opinions. Now if the opinions were buttressed by actual evidence…

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