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We’ve got to be

30 Jun

scientists rather than mere partisan hacks. Let’s pay attention to the data. Sheesh!

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Yeah, a total

30 Jun

idiot didn’t see this coming. The rest of us sure did.


Is there a stupider song on the radio

30 Jun

right now than Uptown Funk? Yes, it is musically insipid and entirely forgettable. But that is forgivable, even if not particularly admirable.

No, the issue is the faux cleverness of it. “I know, let’s do a song that sounds just like you are saying a gross profanity but you are actually not! Sure, the phrase makes absolutely no sense as it is, but it sure sounds vulgar and yet it can be on the radio!” Is there a person of good sense over age 17 who likes that song?

Nice, you clever little boy. Here’s your pat on the head. Now get your 2nd helping of ham and go back to the little kids’ table where you belong. It is SO immature, from a guy who is technically an adult but who quite obviously lives in the town of Juvenalia. Grow up!

As a former voice major, I can tell you that there are a number of stupid classical songs that are inflicted on that crowd, so stupid songs are nothing new. I mean, there were songs that were nothing but a punishment to sing. But let’s call things as they are–this song is both stupid and offensive. To even hear it is a punishment.

And it is quite discouraging to see putatively normal people like this song. Yet, after decades of giving IQ tests I am reminded of the old saw: “Think of how dumb the average person is and then realize that by definition half are dumber!”


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“Special snowflakes”

30 Jun

are in for a hard landing.

Look, I like my day job. A lot. But let’s not kid ourselves, it is work. I like to write this blog, too, but there are times I’d rather veg out in front of the boob tube than write. That is NORMAL. The fact is that regardless of what your job is, there will be times you don’t want to do it. Rock Star or Bricklayer, it makes no difference. It is endemic to life itself.


Yeah, it just makes

30 Jun

no sense, at least if the goal is military effectiveness rather than just an expensive and functionally worthless dog-and-pony show. But then, that’s Obama for you–all hat and no cattle.

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Edits galore

30 Jun

for Hillary. And Obama is simply not a serious man.

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29 Jun

Univision execs are morons. Look, I don’t like Trump and want him to (yet again) fail in his Presidential ambitions, and that almost for sure will indeed happen. I think this is just a publicity stunt.  There are MANY others who would be better. But I’m laughing my butt off just the same!

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This makes

29 Jun

a lot of sense. Regular judges face the voters every so often. There is no reason the SCOTUS should be different.

I know it is fashionable to mock Ted Cruz and pretend that he is “fringe,” but he is making an eminently reasonable point, here.

I would say to the critics, name ONE point that Cruz has made that is goofy or irrational. You know, something really extreme. Now don’t cheat and use Google to find weird crap that is (only) on Huffington Post or some other Lefty fever swamp–if he really IS extreme I’m sure you can name a single instance off the top of your head. No? Maybe you are yet again a victim of the NYT. You should be wiser, since this is probably not the first time you have been duped. You’d think you would learn…

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I think that ANYONE

29 Jun

who got into the Democrat race against Miss Hillary would immediately get a huge amount of attention. To quote Donald Trump, “YOOOOJ!” Joe the bagger at the grocery store would get it. Right now name recognition plays a big role, but anyone who gets in will have that within 3 weeks. It’s just not a major deal in the end. I mean, nothing says, “confidence” like giving away tickets for free because otherwise you could not fill your event.

Even a fringe Socialist is beating Hillary about the head and shoulders. And he should not. He can’t win the general, yet he has become a credible threat to Hillary. Just wait until Sanders gets even more well known. How weak IS Hillary? Cankles of clay, as I have long said. There is a very big opening for another Democrat candidate. Warren is a great fool if she doesn’t absolutely lunge at it (assuming she wants it–maybe she doesn’t). The jackals in the Democrat field should (and probably do) see her as a wildebeest with a lame leg. She is not long for this world. Now the jackals may not want to advance, they may bide their time. But they are there, ready to pounce the moment they feel it is safe…

Hillary should get out NOW! Let others battle for the nomination. Others who have a snowball’s chance in Hell in the General. She is meat on the hoof, and it would be better for the party for her to gracefully bow out. But then again, “graceful” has never been a very good descriptor of Hillary. I think she only cares about herself and doesn’t actually give a flying fig about the Democrat party.

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So what do you make of

29 Jun

Hillary’s performance in the polls? Quite simply, she is sucking. Look, she is a terrible candidate, and is getting schooled by a little-known fringe candidate. What will happen when she faces real competition? If Warren wants the Presidency, she is a total fool not to get in!


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