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Hey wait, I thought

31 Jul

voter fraud was a myth! I have good friends that I respect who tell me it doesn’t exist in any significant way. Could they be just wrong? (yeah, perhaps).


It’s true, I think

31 Jul

this is perhaps the best response to gun-controller nuts. And that is because they won’t engage in argument. They are not intellectually sure enough to do so. It is a lack of reasoning. I can deal with differences in interpreting the data. But that is NOT what almost always happens! So go jump in a lake.

And to make matters worse, I am far more responsible with weapons than most of our “Peace Officers.”

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Yeah, there is little more stupid

30 Jul

or betraying gross economic ignorance than the push for a minimum wage. It’s nature’s way of saying, “Do not want!”


What, are these people stupid?

It’s like I believe I can stand on a pallet and lift myself up by lifting the pallet with a handle attached to it!

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I think we are

30 Jul

chronically underestimating Sanders. I agree that chances are exceedingly slim that he could win a general, but he is very likely to damage Hillary.

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Yeah, handouts!

30 Jul

That’s the ticket!

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Yeah, go ahead

30 Jul

and TRY to explain it! The ONLY explanation is that she is a dishonest hack.

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As if there was

30 Jul

ever any question about Stewart being a hack. He’s a hack. DUH!

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Yet another

30 Jul


I don’t believe it and have never believed it! I’m too much a skeptical scientist…

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Now you’re messin’ with a

30 Jul

torqued off judge!

The Obama gang is totally lawless. It won’t happen, but I’d dearly love to see the IRS director go to jail for contempt of court.

In any case, I’m not at all sure that we are going to get everything.

But does anyone actually believe that nothing wrong took place? You’d have to be a total idiot not to know what went on!

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A decent

30 Jul

article. Of course, the author can’t help but reveal that he is a horrible squish. I mean, the post-Newtown legislation failed NOT because it was opposed by “entrenched” interests like the NRA, but because (like virtually all gun control measures) it was obviously a draconian bid for power that demonstrably would have had absolutely no effect on gun violence at all! Like most gun laws, it was a naked ploy for power that clearly would not affect gun violence. Yes, it was wrapped in the cloak of “responsible gun ownership” and “common sense” and it played upon then-current emotions, but in reality it was just a crass power play. That patina of legitimacy was only meant to fool the gullible. Unfortunately, a good proportion of lawmakers and an even larger percentage of voters are hopelessly gullible. More’s the pity… But the winds are shifting.

There are definitely ways to prevent gun violence, but it is clear to all but the most dim-witted among us that that legislation ain’t it. Given that, we need to ask what the real purpose of the legislation was. In the words of a great song, “You’re not who you say you are.”

Once again, a classic piece.

Don’t agree? Fine, but explain why. Tell me why I should believe you over the proverbial dog-faced baboon. I am absolutely open to good argument. Time to put up or shut up. So put on your big-boy pants and make your argument!


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