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Ya think?

31 Aug

Yeah, just maybe a little late.

It has long been clear to anyone of even room-temperature IQ that she is chronically dishonest. This is by no means a new thing. This leopard did not suddenly change its spots. At all. And mark my words, it is entirely likely that there will be other issues that come out, win or lose. She is just hoping that it’s after the election. Then in the worst-case scenario her VP (now President) can pardon her so as to promote “healing.” It’s just the way she rolls. You don’t demand that your Ibizan dog be as friendly to everyone as a Lab.

But honestly, my worry is that Hillary will NOT get the nomination. Already some Democrat big-wigs are pre-emptively whining (so they can later say that they were right about her being a loser–the rats are already jumping off the ship and it will soon be an avalanche). She is eminently beatable and has cankles of clay. She has a proverbial glass jaw and can’t take a punch–and the Republican nominee will certainly punch. Others Democrats may well end up being more difficult to beat than Hillary (other than Bernie Sanders), so I am worried that Hillary will NOT get the nomination.

Bring on Fiorina! I would dearly love to see a Fiorna/Hillary general.


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31 Aug

Big mystery.

Why do such things happen so often to the Clintons? Just bad luck, I guess.

Yeah, his voice mails were deleted after he was killed, but that certainly doesn’t prove anything!

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I agree that as far as the election goes,

31 Aug

Biden needs to either crap or get off the pot. But he can only lick his finger and hold it up in the wind for so long.

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I think a

31 Aug

radical openness” would be startlingly refreshing! Certainly Hillary can’t do that, as being open would land her in federal prison.

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31 Aug


Look, she is a very bad candidate. Her collapse to Obama is absolutely no surprise. My worry is that she will NOT get the nomination and someone less vulnerable than she is will get it. I want her to collapse, but not yet.

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My feelings about Trump:

31 Aug


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C’mon, WHAT Trump flips?

30 Aug


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I think it’s important to understand that

29 Aug

Obama is NOT just giving Nukes to Iran. As almost unbelievably stupid as that is, it is in fact worse.

Don’t kid yourself, every Arab country in the Middle East will pursue them. It is both a status and a self-protection issue. The only issue is the ability to obtain them. Already I am reading about Turkey making nukes on the sly. Israel of course has them now, but they are the least of our problems.  Saudi Arabia is pursuing them, as well, and you can bet that they will have them very soon.

So on what grounds do we say it is OK for Iran to have nukes but not Saudi Arabia or Turkey?  And just what are we going to do if our wishes are ignored? Military action? Oh, come ON!

Obama has stupidly let the genie of destruction out of the bottle. It is not going back in.

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The waters are troubled, and Francis

28 Aug

has made things worse. We can’t really pussy-foot around it. Conservative and committed Catholics may well look elsewhere for spiritual guidance, as well they should. Already they are leaving in droves. Yes, religion in general is facing issues and the gap between faithful and non-faithful is ever widening, but some sects are growing.

But if you are a devout Catholic, you are likely conservative at least in tendencies. You value tradition. To hear Pope Francis rail against sane economics, laud Leftism, prattle on against mythical Global Warming, etc. rankles pretty bad.

If he were wise he would stick to Catholicism, and not spout off about things he knows nothing about! But then again, in that case he would not be a Leftist. But I guess when you are elected in a glorified popularity contest rather than being called of God, this is what you get.


Yeah, but don’t worry.

28 Aug

I have been assured over and over by people who act like they know what they’re talking about that there IS no significant voter fraud. You certainly wouldn’t think that they are just talking out of a hole in their head! Would you? Would you? Buehler? Buehler?

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