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I won’t get the new iPad Pro.

30 Sep

Not because I d0n’t like Apple; I love my old iPad and Mendelian Spousal Unit also has one. I have an iPhone. I own three Apple computers and there are two Mendelian Daughter Units that each have an Apple laptop. Windoze just stinks in comparison. Trust me, once you use an Apple it is very unlikely that you will ever go back to the slag-heap that is windoze.

No, I won’t get one because without a USB port it is useless to me. Even a USB C would be fine. As it is I can’t save documents. I can’t print documents. Yes, there are ways to laboriously work around the flaw, but I am mightily torqued that Apple has made a unit that is completely unusable for work–one that you have to jury-rig in order to use. Steve Jobs was mentally ill in his mania about not having a USB port, and Tim Cook has bleatingly followed in these same stupid footsteps. It’s as bad as the Flash mental illness (don’t even get me started…).

Yes, I know that it compromises the Apple racket of charging through the ying-yang for memory. But this is just bogus. I hope they soon get their crap together! Horrible!


Yeah, it’s

30 Sep

outright fraud. Now I agree that you have to be stupid to even be a “pigeon” in this scheme, but it is even more fraudulent than usual.

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The classic quote

30 Sep

(allegedly by Helen Keller) is that blindness separates you from things, while hearing loss separates you from people. Yeah, as a hearing aide wearer myself (too much shotgun shooting as a teen and then military stuff), I can vouch for that.

I once (several years ago) heard my wife chastise my son, saying something like, “Don’t talk about your father that way!” He responded, “Don’t worry Mom, he can’t hear me.” And he was right! I didn’t know what he originally said. That was when I knew I had a problem.

Hearing aids are getting exponentially better. They are now virtually invisible (people are frequently shocked when I show them that I am wearing them) and MUCH better. It’s a must when I see patients! They are also so comfortable that it’s easy for me to forget that they’re in. But they are indeed very expensive. Still, they are quite likely worth it. You might be amazed at what you have chronically missed. I personally had no idea!

For example, when I first got the hearing aids I about freaked out because my car was making a clicking noise when I had the blinker on. I hadn’t remembered that. I thought they now made blinkers silent. Then I complained to my wife that right at the beginning (when people were filing in) of church it was very noisy. My kids had been telling me at church, “Dad, you suck at whispering!”

Hearing loss separates you from people.

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The penultimate

29 Sep

events in ALL socialism.

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Yeah, I can see

29 Sep

why she might use a pseudonym. It’s dangerous to speak truth to power. ALWAYS bash Christians and NEVER bash Muslims. See, Muslims will kill you, while Christians won’t. They will just ignore you. They might turn the other cheek. But Muslims certainly won’t. You have just got to be safe…

You have to know where the power is!

The hope is (and I really hope this) that Christians don’t start killing people. They probably won’t, since unlike Muslims, killing innocents is strongly against their religion. Let’s just hope that they don’t get convinced that killing people is in fact moral because it leads to a greater good. But, though very rare, that has indeed happened in the Bible. But it almost for sure won’t happen today.

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This is in fact the most

29 Sep

distressing thing I face.

It is not disagreement–I don’t mind that at all. A person who disagrees with me and argues with evidence is great. I have changed my mind because of such things. Argument can be very good. I really value it.

No, the enemy is lack of argument. On the Left it is all name-calling and virtually NO substance. And many on the Left won’t logically defend their positions. That is a very different, new approach to truth. It means that one’s position is never actually put at risk. It is rooted (as is most evil philosophies) in our Leftist universities.

How so? Because for a generation the universities have pushed a know-nothing post-modernism. And in doing so they have indoctrinated a generation. There ARE no “facts,” they say, only political axes to grind. There is no sure knowledge. There is no “Truth.” Everyone’s got an opinion, and there’s no reason to think that yours is better than mine…

It started with the arts, and my preference in music and such reigned supreme. Everyone has a preference, and it is mere preference… But it didn’t stop there. No, it didn’t. And it is insidious–even those who don’t even know who Stanley Fish even is and know nothing about post-modernism will use that line of argument.

It’s not as if there is no grain of truth to post-modern thought. There is. But once I start saying that ALL truth is only socially constructed, there in fact IS no real truth. That’s where it gets dangerous. You have to have a Truth-Teller in order to have reliable truth at all, and social constructionists/post-modernists say that is impossible and a primitive reliance on religion. Again, back to name-calling.

But let me get back to my main point: I may feel that there is no reason to cite evidence at all if there are no facts (and that is certainly easier). Ad Hominem is the only recourse, the only other option. So, for example, conservatives may convincingly show that state control of an economy doesn’t work by giving evidence. And that is undeniably accurate, but Leftists reject the idea that there IS truth at all and so you are just arguing to preserve your privilege. Therefore, your “evidence” does not represent truth-value at all, contrary to your benighted assumptions. It is irrelevant. Even logic itself is merely a promulgation of your privilege.

In other words, there is no room for argument in any shape or form. There is only an attempt to psychopathologize or otherwise discredit the other. The only truth is how I feel. I feel therefore I am (and what I feel is in an important way true). There IS no more fundamental truth.

So there is no reason to engage in argument at all. What I feel is correct because I feel it. I am the measure of all things. Me, me, me. There is no moral agency (the main casualty of all such philosophies since time immemorial), since ALL truth is socially determined and what you think is truth is merely a product of your social surroundings. Logic itself is an artifact of the patriarchy, so don’t even try. I feel therefore I am.

Of course, the logical flaw is that it doubles back on itself. YOUR assertions are mere social constructions and preferences determined by class and such social structures, while MINE are somehow “true.” A wise person will beat them about the head she shoulders by saying, “How do you know? Why is your opinion better than mine?” But then again, they may deny that logic is a path to truth at all. In that case, I would say (as Socrates reportedly did), “Why should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon or some stranger creature still?).

It’s a great question, and one that All college students or otherwise educated people should be familiar with. It is the very basis for epistemology.

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So did Fiorina

29 Sep

destroy HP? YOU be the judge:


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Pretty good

28 Sep

description. One of the first things to go when an elderly person gets a head injury is the ability to express emotion. Hillary had a head injury! Coincidence? Not at all. She was publicly said to have a subdural hematoma. She had a serious head injury. And it’s not like I am the only one to notice…


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Is Boehner’s demise proof of

28 Sep

“childish” conservatives? The MSM just loves that narrative and they’re holding to it. For now. But that is just not true. The truth is that Boehner was just not very good at his job. His lieutenant is McCarthy  (who will be the next Speaker), and he should take a different approach or he will face the same fate. Sometimes you have to take a break and cleanse the inner vessel before you go concentrate on the enemy.

Boehner’s job was to hold his caucus together. He could not do that. That is his issue. He was a sucky Speaker, plain and simple. He insisted on pursuing his old pseudo- or crypto-Lefty agenda, and it torqued people off. THAT is what happened. And if he hadn’t stepped down he would have been unceremoniously cast off. McCarthy will be the next Speaker, and he would be very wise to understand that he is on a short leash. If he starts out where Boehner left off, he will also soon be gone. If I were him I would wait about six months before remodeling the Speaker’s office…

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As much as I hate to see it,

28 Sep

I think Hillary is not long for this world. I think that very soon we will see “Slow Joe” Biden quite publicly throw his hat into the ring. And he will crush Hillary. That is too bad, because Hillary is disgusting as a human being, a terrible candidate, and a known moral dirtbag. She is also extraordinarily weak as a candidate and would almost certainly lose in a general. Biden is indeed an idiot, but he is also kind of a charming crazy uncle. Hillary is just a known moral reprobate and she revolts most who know her or even know OF her. Biden would do better than Hillary in a general, especially with the MSM running flak for him.

But my prediction is that we will soon see Biden. It’s not a wonderful choice, but the choices are all at least kind of bad. Obama needs to draw to an inside straight. Biden sees Hillary’s obvious weakness and will very soon try to capitalize on it. Look, the lions know very well which wildebeest has a lame leg. They know meat on the hoof when they see it…

The Democrat “handlers” are already quite nervous, and it won’t take much more for them to leap from the Hillary sinking ship. We are already seeing the start of it. Hillary recently had to have a meeting with donors to keep them on board and calm their raw nerves. Such a move can work, but it can also be a sign of an impending collapse. It is certainly never good.

But this whole thing also means that Obama will side with Biden and not protect Hillary so much, legally. He certainly knows a wounded wildebeest when he sees one, and he needs a successor who will continue his policies. Plus, the lions need a meal, and if they eat Hillary they perhaps won’t be so motivated to come after him. That is all very bad news for Hillary, because there is no one and nothing Obama cares more about than him. Throwing her under the bus along with the many others would be easy as pie for him. W had a reputation for loyalty. Obama just the opposite.

Meat on the hoof, thy name is Hillary. Mark my words.

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