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With Sessions endorsing Trump,

29 Feb

I think it is over. Trump wins the nomination.

I think that is a danged shame. It is a tragedy that in a year where Republicans were set to get power, this buffoon Populist gains traction. For the first time in my life, I fear for the country.

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The rank hypocrisy

29 Feb

is truly infuriating. The Oscars are nothing but disgusting. That is in part because it is SO stupid and amazingly hypocritical. Do these folks even have an original thought in their heads? Or are they just mindless sheep? I mean, the hypocrisy is just stunning and one would hope that at least some of them would own up to their hypocrisy. Some would surely understand. Maybe you just have to shut up because you can’t afford to make waves. No wonder many of us just won’t go to movies anymore! This kind of blatant hypocrisy just makes me sick to my stomach!

But they will get together and pat themselves on the back… One just gets tired of the pathological narcissism combined with horrible stupidity and rank hypocrisy. <disgusted sigh>

People are sick of this nonsense, and that won’t change until this kind of crap-eating hypocrisy ends. Honestly, who even cares now about the Academy Awards? I sure don’t. It would make no difference in my life if they all were gone tomorrow. No wonder Trump is making inroads. Yeah, he’s a fraud and a nut, but he (with calculation) channels the rightful anger regular people have at this kind of overweening nonsense. I think they can all go to… well, you know. So yes, the flaccid GOP is to a large extent responsible for Trump, but so are stupid Leftists.

One used to be able to “straddle” this gap fairly well. Our parents’ generation could do it. You were not personally in agreement with them, but you liked the movie. But the divide is increasingly getting wider, and straddling it is getting more and more difficult. Problem behavior is getting more and more mainstream.

For example, I wanted to buy the “Hobbit” trilogy. It was, surprisingly, rated R (while originally the movies were PG-13). Yes, one can say that it is no big deal because it was just because the extended versions showed some more Orc heads getting lopped off, but now I object. I refused to buy the trilogy. I protest.

Similarly, I started watching “The Walking Dead.” I had heard a lot of good things about it. In it, you had to shoot zombies in the head to kill them. After seeing a half dozen or so of them being shot in the head, I realized that it was truly sickening. Yes, they were “just zombies.” But it was gruesome and disgusting and violent. And I say this as a hunter who has taken a lot of game! It was just an excuse to portray almost unbelievable violence. I stopped watching after one or two episodes. I’m sure there are lots of redeeming aspects to that series, but I wanted no part of it.

At some point you will have to make a decision and hop to one side of the divide or the other. The gap is widening. I know which side is my preference, and I’ve already leapt to one side…

So now, going to a movie is a political and moral statement. I personally refuse to support evil. At some point, you gotta make a call…

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Yeah, Hillary

29 Feb

sure didn’t know there were security problems with her “home brew” server. Nor did John “Effin” Kerry or others know about it!

You believe that? You are a freakin’ idiot. Go away–you are too stupid to vote.

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Yeah, pretty

29 Feb



There is a hope that Hillary’s crimes will keep her from being President, but I think that is a vain, Pollyanna-ish hope, indeed. No, evil must be confronted, and you can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Trumpkins should

29 Feb

be very scared.

As I’ve long said, this guy is a Con Man, a scam artist. Hillary may eventually go to prison, and she could well see Trump there… I wouldn’t want him elected–he would not be able to finish a term. Yes, same goes for Hillary. But then again, this is by far not the first time they have been together! They have long been in cahoots.

The case is certainly stronger against Hillary (as it looks now) than for Trump, but this is far, far more substantial than his wacky “Birther” forays into psychoses. He is a loser and a chump. And a Con Man. I’m sorry, I don’t vote for criminals.

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29 Feb

from the last Republican debate:


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28 Feb

new slogan:


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I have no evidence

28 Feb

for this yet, but my “spidey sense” tells me that the Trump boomlet is on the edge and will soon drop off the cliff. And it will happen in an instant. Maybe I’m wrong–I certainly have been before.

The fall of Trump has been long (and wrongly) predicted. It has been predicted for a good reason–he is a very flawed and weak candidate. But now there is a sense that it is no longer “stylish” or “trendy” to be a Trumpkin. And once he is “just another candidate” he is gone.

So that brings up a question: Cruz or Rubio?

Well, I have to say that I am more in line ideologically with Cruz, but we need to understand that Rubio is extremely attractive in that way, too. I think he got snookered in the “Gang of 8” immigration deal, but he is now wiser and won’t make that same mistake again. Plus, Rubio is far more charismatic and harder to “ding” in that way. I would dearly love to see him on stage with Hillary in a debate. The contrast would be dramatic. That said, Cruz is brilliant. Brilliant and Conservative is a tough combination to beat. He would be an awesome Scalia replacement!

The best? A Cruz/Rubio ticket. Maybe. But I very much doubt that will happen. Carly Fiorina will be the VP nominee. This is the first time in living memory that the VP candidate is known before the Presidential candidate. Actually, maybe it would be best to have Rubio win the Presidency and appoint Cruz to the SCOTUS. Hmmm. Maybe that is the ticket…

I think that if Rubio gets the nomination he should say that if elected he will appoint Ted Cruz to the SCOTUS. He shows his Conservative bona fides that way, promises a continuation of the court as it is, and solidifies all the Ted Cruz supporters. It doesn’t really whack out the Left, because it is merely a continuation of the status quo. Cruz is certainly qualified. And the Senate is likely to easily confirm him–he is one of their own.

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I’m warning you,

27 Feb

Trump cannot be elected. Hillary will win. So a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Wake up! I know there are those that think that by cheering for Trump they are poking the eye of the establishment, but it is just not true. They are being tricked out of their money and freedom. Time is running out, and this foolishness will soon not be able to be reversed. WARNING!

It is indeed of little condolence that you were warned…


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27 Feb

paper tiger. If Cruz and/or Rubio really go after him, he is baked (as his orange complexion shows).

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