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This is certainly

31 Mar

good news. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

The real question I have is why the crap is Kasich even in there?! Idiot! Cruz would be 25 or 30 points ahead without Kasich running interference for Trump. Kasich is almost exclusively taking votes from Cruz. What a Trumpkin stooge!

I think I hate Kasich even more than Trump, if that’s possible. Trump is just a narcissistic guy who only cares about himself, but we have known that for some time. But Kasich? What a selfish jerk! What a butt-head! He has shown that he is not fit for high office. Voters should reject him and send him home with 5%. Or less.

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I think that most of us

31 Mar

have had more than enough of Donald Trump.

He is a know-nothing idiot whose only gift is being a good con man. And people have been snookered in spades. He truly knows nothing. A vote for him is merely the venting of one’s spleen–cutting off your nose to spite your face. It is ALL about emotion and is not at all wrapped up in reason or good judgment.

I welcome disagreement. But this is just stupidity. I don’t tolerate foolishness well. It is a weakness of mine, and Trump and the Trumpkins have sorely tested me.

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Birds of a feather…

31 Mar

Yeah. This is just who Trump is.

I have no non-vulgar words for Trump. This is a family-friendly blog. I personally will never debase myself enough to vote for him. I have morals. Of course, Trump assuredly does not. That much is obvious to the dullest among us.

I’ve spent too many years working in prisons and with the court not to recognize a psychopath when I see one. DT is very clearly one. I will never sully myself enough to vote for him. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

Yes, Hillary is evil. But at least we know she is evil. And I will keep myself clean by simply not voting at all. Trump cloaks himself in the robes of morality, but it is just a ruse. The problem is, the GOP will get tarred with his personality pathology. We need to understand that he has hijacked our reputations, as well. Besides, Trump will lose to Hillary, as has always been his role. Queen cacklepants grabs the golden ring–because of Trump. This was an election she was sure to lose, and then Trump has changed all that–which was his role from the beginning. Conservatives could right the ship. Then Trump snookered a bunch of people in order to allow Hillary to win. <shakes head despairingly>

I would just say one thing to Trump pigeons: WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! Sheesh!

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Hey, it was just an honest mistake!

31 Mar


To quote a movie, “Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?”

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I think that

31 Mar

we should CLEARLY understand that the Left vs Right dichotomy is in fact the age-old conflict over moral agency. Leftism needs the Gulags. It is NOT just some peripheral aspect. FORCE is integral the the philosophy–it is at the core of it. Force is the bedrock upon which all sorts of Leftism is built. Yes, it can be “hard” forms such as Communism or NAZIism, it can be “medium” such as Socialism, or it can be a “soft” Leftism or Fabian socialism.



30 Mar

But it’s a drawn-out process. Still, it’s progress.

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You can quibble about

30 Mar

the source, but any sentient being knows it’s true.

You trust the NYT? You fool.

I just don’t think it’s at all arguable anymore that the MSM is NOT just an arm of Lefty politicians.

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Let’s just say that

30 Mar

if it were the spouse or kids of those who whine about this that were at stake, they would act differently. They ONLY oppose such things because they and their loved ones are safe.

To paraphrase a famous quote, you only sleep safe in your bed because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf. This is pure hypocrisy, and we need to call it what it is. Sorry, I don’t value the comfort of terrorists more than the lives of innocent people. And I think it is fundamentally immoral to do the opposite.

Think differently? Then make your case!

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Be scared

29 Mar

of Bernie.

He is often seen as a lovable old crank, but it is far more sinister than that.


We need to face the cold, hard facts.

28 Mar

The Lefty model is indeed a suicide pact. It just doesn’t work. And don’t be fooled–this is NOT an issue of mere poor implementation or corruption (though both are typical of the Left). No, the edges just don’t meet. The puzzle pieces don’t fit together. You can’t get there from here. And that is 100% the result of a bad theory. It has nothing to do with bad implementation. It is a fault in se (in and of itself).

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