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The Lefty war on cash.

30 Apr

So the Obama administration wants to do away with the $100 bill. They would dearly love to do away with cash altogether, and they certainly would if they could. They say it is to hurt drug dealers. That does indeed sound noble–drug dealers are not exactly a sympathetic group. But this explanation is a total lie. The Obama lackeys are simply trying to make it very inconvenient for anyone to use cash. Why?

Simple. Cash is anonymous. Cash is virtually untraceable. And that means it is un-taxable. And Lefties just hate that. And if you need a briefcase full of $20s instead of a pocket roll of $100s, so much the better for the Lefties. THAT is far less convenient and therefore it will be far less common. Maybe they can’t totally get rid of cash, but they can make using it as onerous as possible.

Let’s say you are an independent handyman. This is your own small business. A little old widow pays you $200 to come do some repairs at her house. Instead of giving you 10 $20 bills, she gives you two $100s. MUCH easier and more convenient.

See, if she had paid with a check you would have deposited it in your bank and the gov’t could easily trace it. Banks are required to report to the gov’t. And the gov’t takes about half when Federal, State, Sales, Property, and other taxes are included.

But she paid you in cash, so there is no reporting unless you deposit it. So you take that $200 and go buy a pair of jeans, go to the movie, and take your spouse out to dinner. Maybe you pay down the balance to the Orthodontist that your kid goes to. In any case, that money is never taxed for you, at least on the Federal and state level (you can’t get around sales tax without going “under the table”). The gov’t does not get as much of a bite out of it. You get nearly 100% of what you earned. (N.B. that’s why the gov’t also hates bartering)

Now giving you two $100 bills is convenient. Giving you 10 $20 bills is really not. Hence the Obama push to get rid of the $100 bill. It really has nothing to do with drug deals. But it sounds good and fools the rubes. But don’t YOU be fooled. The whole “drug dealer” thing is a Trojan Horse.

Understand that the war on cash is a war on you. It is merely a ploy for increased gov’t power. This maneuver has a long tradition. FDR made it illegal to own gold! Just let that sink in for a moment. Illegal. He did that because gold is fundamentally liquid–it is untraceable. THAT is the real reason for the war on cash. It is not about drug dealers at all. It is about gov’t taking your money, plain and simple.


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29 Apr

no conditions. Right. What, does she think that I am too dumb to remember? She is hoping that you won’t remember.

This lady is chronically dishonest. Of course she tells “little white lies” like many public figures do. But she also has a never-ending string of big whoppers, and that is NOT typical. It is pathological, plain and simple. She lies all the time. Yes, her husband is an inveterate liar, but at least he is charming as he lies to you. Hillary is just as much of a liar but is really unpleasant about it.

And before you jump in with some nonsensical moral equivalent schtick, understand that every politician does NOT do this kind of stuff. Bill Clinton used this moral equivalency ruse with great results–that way you nod your head and effectively excuse the bad behavior. “He’s OK! I mean, everyone does it!” Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t accept a specific excuse from your 9-year-old, don’t accept it from public figures and their crap-eating apologists.

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Stage of grief:

28 Apr


I guess we can hope the poop soup is better than all indicators suggest. I personally will not vote for Trump–I’m really not sure he is much better than Hillary. Probably some, though. Some are more optimistic, though I think it is just keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of catastrophe.



Being the world’s policeman…

27 Apr

This idea is often hopelessly simplistic, to the point of absurdity. But it makes a great bumper sticker.

The issue is NOT for the U.S. to “walk the beat” and slap the hands of miscreants, to be a pursed-lipped and scolding old schoolmarm (the Left has that role sewn up, that’s for sure!). Yes, military intervention is indeed the best thing to do at times, but it depends. It depends on your philosophy and beliefs.

In other words, we depend on the moral guidance of our leaders. It is not mere expedience, it is mainly worldview.  Those who are weak in that area will only talk about “practicality,” but that is in fact a rather insignificant issue in the broader scheme of things. The incompetent talks incessantly about practicality. The competent person acts according to his or her own set of pervasive and under-girding beliefs. There is no deception. You knew what he or she was from the get-go. There is no effort to dissemble a la Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In short, the issue is morality, writ large.

What we as the U.S. desperately need and don’t have is leadership. Obama’s “lead from behind” foolishness has finally caught up with us. And as a result the world is a freakin’ mess! Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have broken out of the loony bin, and a old, hacking nurse Ratchet is hot on their their heels (though she has to stop running now and then and petulantly rest her hands on her hips while heaving in and out). She will catch them in the end. They can’t outrun her electric scooter!

There are times when the right thing is indeed military action. There are times when it is not. A good decision rests greatly on personal qualities. In more ancient words, Obama has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. And it is impossible to look at the world and not see that. Like salt that has lost its savor, a man or woman without morals and direction is fit only to be cast under men’s feet…


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27 Apr

is there even any doubt that she is a liar?

It’s not like this is a new thing with these people.

To avoid legal retribution, let me just say that this is what I think. I just don’t think there is much of a question about it.

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Hillary wants to

27 Apr

hold gun companies financially liable for damage people do with their products. Most regular Americans don’t.

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Yeah, THAT was fast!

27 Apr

The “alliance” lasted less than 24 hours. About as long as a drunken Las Vegas wedding…


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A great example

26 Apr

of colossal Leftist stupidity!

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26 Apr

this is what I hope for. I think it would be a fantastic ticket.

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So Trumpkins,

25 Apr

are you ready for Hillary? THIS is what you are doing. Hope you like it, rubes! <shakes head>

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