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Understand well,

31 May

Hillary has made two major claims, and has repeated them over and over.

Her first claim was that she had permission to have a private server–previous Secretaries of State have done the same thing, as well, so shove off! Those claims were totally destroyed by the recent IG report. They are laughably false assertions. Shocker–she lied.

Her second claim was that there was no risk to national security. That is also false, and the IG report says so. It also is laughably false, as well as demonstrably untrue. And there is a TON of evidence that it simply is not true. She was hacked by every half-serious government out there, as well as many “lone wolf” types. It wasn’t even hard. Just ask “Guccifer.” I bet her password was “password.” The very elderly can have a hard time remembering things, after all…

In short, this report destroys pretty much all her substantive claims. Will she go to prison? I seriously doubt it. Clintons have never faced justice. But she certainly deserves to.

As I’ve said many times, she has cankles of clay. Democrats are total fools to nominate her, though they really don’t have much choice, now. Biden has to be kicking himself, or maybe he and Elizabeth Warren are taking turns kicking each other…

Trump is a toad, but Hillary is a turd. I refuse to have stinky breath!

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I’ve got to admit

30 May

that I think it would be bad for Republicans for Hillary to be so damaged that she is replaced by a Biden/Warren ticket.

I have long held that Hillary has cankles of clay, and I think that is indisputably true. Sanders is a crank who simply can’t win. But a Biden/Warren ticket would be more formidable. Yes, Sanders is doing OK against Trump right now, but that’s because he is not the nominee and no-one thinks he ever will be. His youth brigades just won’t vote much even in the best of situations (let alone if they feel he got shafted), and he would be extremely vulnerable as a Socialist. Another problem is that the Sanders acolytes would have a hemorrhage and there is no guarantee that they would get over being jilted at the altar and vote for Biden (or Hillary). But in the end they would have nowhere else to go–the only question is whether they would simply stay home on election day. I think they just would not vote at all.


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Telemundo STAGES

30 May

problem behaviors at a Trump rally and then pretends it is real.

Nice. THIS is why you never trust the MSM, if you are wise. They lie.

They are enemies to truth, plain and simple. They lie without conscience or compunction. Understand that you are being lied to .

The solution? The ONLY way to address this issue is to understand that there is no objectivity. Nowhere. There is no shirking YOUR responsibility to decide what is true and what isn’t. Understand that there is ONLY opinion. So you need to question why you are being told a certain thing. You have to be informed–you can’t just blindly follow what some soi-disant “authority” tells you. Maybe in the distant past, news sources made an effort to honestly report the facts. But not now–at least not always.

Yes, dishonesty happens frequently, even by those who clearly know better. Look, it is abundantly clear that the MSM is feeding you a bunch of  crap on important issues. Of course, the MSM has a long and celebrated history of lying. They lie, and I simply don’t care if it is for “noble” reasons. It is a damned lie.

So you have to first decide what truth is and then decide what “facts” to accept, and whether a particular source or article is reliable. It’s not the “trusted source” that is primary–it is your understanding of the actual Truth. You could get total lies from a “good” source and you could get truth from a “bad” one. The relationship with a trusted source (another person, your own intellect, logic, others) is primary.

So the only way to know the actual truth is to have a relationship with a trustworthy Truth-Teller. Someone who knows the truth and doesn’t lie. And it is a real relationship with a real person. The only ultimately reliable source of Truth is NOT sense “data” (that’s why we go to magic shows).  That kind of data may be quite useful at times, but it is simply not ultimately reliable in issues of human relations. Truth is in relationships, not “data.” But that is bastardized when we have relationship with unreliable people. So the truth value of a relationship is only as valuable and reliable as the people involved.

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The evidence

30 May

is obvious: Hillary is a crook. There is really no other rational way to explain things. We can quibble about details, but the overall picture is quite clear.

That means that we are faced with either voting for Trump, who is a buffoon, or voting for Hillary, who is an evil felon. Like I say, you can choose whether to kiss a toad (Trump) or kiss a turd (Hillary). THOSE are the choices.

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30 May

totally correct.


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I admit it is

30 May

hard to rationally argue that NOT voting for Trump (and thus enabling Hillary) is moral. Very hard, indeed. I don’t like it, but it’s hard to morally justify helping Hillary.

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Look, Hillary

30 May

is a criminal. She is stunningly dishonest. Everyone knows that. There are those who are her boosters, but they know and even acknowledge that she is stunningly dishonest. But for many years I have seen her and Bill do clearly illegal things and constantly get away with them. I doubt this will be any different. She always gets away scot-free.

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There are some

29 May

significant advances being made. The faster the better…

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I’m just really glad

29 May

that I didn’t continue on the University professor track I started on. I have taught at several universities, and thought I might go that direction. I didn’t and I’m very glad. I would not have easily kept my mouth shut and now even very minor infractions are leading to HUGE repercussions.

My last year I had an SJW-type complain a bit about a textbook I used. I have to admit I was a bit confused and even dumbfounded. But that was only the thin edge of the wedge. It is far worse, now. No, that is not the environment for me…



28 May

there are those trying to become soi-disant hippies.

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