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Look, Windoze

30 Jun

just plain sucks. And I say that as a guy who has actually built Windows machines. But I switched to Mac over a decade ago. It is truly the best thing I’ve ever done. Everything looks better, everything is easier to do, and I can do my own IT work.

And this clearly shows that Redmond has lost its way. Now they are resorting to freakin’ malware hacks! No thanks.

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Gee, why

29 Jun

am I not surprised. ‘Cuz I’m not. At all.

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I’m telling you,

29 Jun

things are different now. The Brexit contagion is spreading. This is part and parcel with the Trump phenomenon. Yes, of course Trump will get beaten like a rented mule in the general–wise people have known THAT for six months! It is very sad, but obviously true. Recent events have driven that home. Yes, Trump could change, but it would be a HUGE sucker bet to think that it will. No, the Trumpkins have crapped in their bed, and unfortunately the wiser among us also have nowhere else to sleep.

But we are nevertheless seeing the death rattle of Socialism. Don’t get me wrong, it remains amazingly dangerous, still. I remember as a kid my dad once killed a diamond-back rattlesnake and put it coiled up in a paper bag as we drove off. Every now and again we would hear the snake move (nerves) in the paper bag, and my dad warned us boys not to get near it. Yes, the snake was now dead, but it could still bite us and inject venom.

Socialism is dead. But it can still bite us an inject its venom.


It’s interesting.

28 Jun

I have been reading the comments on articles (which I rarely do because 99 out of 100 of them are blithering idiots) and I’ve noticed a real sea-change.

While most of these folks are, uh, morons, there has been a real change in the tenor. And this is the same population it always has been, so even if you think they are morons now, they have always been morons! Yet there is a decided change.

.People are just angry, and understandably so. You need to pay attention to what is going on


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It’s official now.

28 Jun

Cancer is more popular than Donald Trump.


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28 Jun

gets hammered. Good.

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So you think

28 Jun

guns don’t help, eh? Don’t be a fool!

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I think the “Brexit” shows

27 Jun

very clearly that “the elites” in Society just don’t get it.

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You’d think that

27 Jun

the British, of all people, would instinctively understand that it is ultimately unacceptable to be governed by a foreign power who doesn’t respect your right to govern yourself  from miles and miles away. Their exit is totally not surprising to me. Free people just won’t tolerate this kind of crap for long.

There is a lesson here, for anyone wise enough to learn. Local government works best, and the more local the better. We see that with the “Texit” folks.

THAT is why the founding fathers created a Federalist system. It was a hybrid system between all local and all central. But that system was dramatically weakened with the direct election of Senators (how did that even pass? It just makes no sense!). And we have seen Obama hasten its demise out of an irrational lust for power.


Do I really think Texas will leave? I strongly doubt it. But the fact that it is even being talked about should give Leftists great pause. And CA is talking about breaking up, as well. You would absolutely NOT be wise to just gaffe it off as the rantings of psychotics.

Something is definitely going on, here. We see that in the rise of Trump, rumblings of secession, talk of a CA breakup, total (and warranted) distrust of the MSM, hatred of the federal government, talk of creating a “Madison Fund” to protect/insure against the Federal Government, etc. Something’s up. You didn’t get this in 1990.  If you can’t smell it in the wind, you need to get your sniffer checked.


George Will has left the Republican party, and

27 Jun

I think he is wrong.

I get it, OK? Trump is an idiot, I agree. I never wanted him and was convinced that we had a much better option in Ted Cruz. It was unbelievably stupid for the Trumpkins to choose him, and they are almost for sure responsible for the horror of the Hillary presidency to come.  THAT is what will likely happen. The Supreme Court will be lost for a generation. Stupid, stupid Trumpkins. But leaving the party is NOT the answer, George.

And this conclusion (about Will’s actions) rests almost exclusively on the Supreme Court. The short answer is that I think it is more likely that Trump will nominate people of good sense than Hillary. Hillary will just put raving and irrational ideologues like Sotomayor on the court, and that means that you can kiss your first and second amendment rights goodbye.

It also probably means that there will be bloodshed. You think folks with guns are just going to meekly turn them in? Yeah, right. More and more you will hear the phrase “molon labe.” You think that people are just going to meekly give up their right to free speech, to freedom of association, to freedom of religion? Not at all likely.

Will needs to value free speech, free exercise of religion, and gun rights more. It is NOT just a matter of holding one’s nose for 4 years while Hillary is there–most of us could do that. No, it is an issue of the very definition of America. Trump may well be a buffoon, but the Bill of Rights will most likely be safe. That is not at all true with Hillary.