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Well, I was

31 Jul

sure sawing logs during Hillary’s speech. Guess I wasn’t the only one…

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30 Jul

It was NOT “treason.”

This is just a brouhaha ginned up by Hillary mindless myrmidons.

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30 Jul

I don’t get it.

Here’s what I think is happening: Hillary is not now and has never been a happy person. But she knows that she has to look happy and laughing at times. So she (with calculation) does. And like many things, she wants to show that she is freakin’ better at it than most people.

She is grittily determined to show her sense of humor and levity, @!%* it! This shows the level of her understanding of emotional states. And THIS is why her husband does extraordinarily well at politics but she falls flat. They are the same at the core,  But Bill can emote warmth, while Hillary can’t. But it is too late to change now. She has done this fake laugh for years and it has now become automatic. It’s not necessarily faking now. But it was at first.

THAT is why you get commentators saying that “Her programming is off.” It’s not fake now, but it was originally an affectation. So now it just seems odd. That’s why her cackle is so famously grating, too. It is the epitome of a “mirthless laugh.”

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Just a

29 Jul

really great phrase.

Nineteen sixty-eight was the year normal Americans saw the Democrats for what they were, and that’s the danger for them in 2016 too – that normal Americans will be reminded about what a circus of welfare-chiseling, race-obsessed, work-averse, baby-shredding freaks the Democrat party is.

Really great.

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Yeah, not

29 Jul

much of a surprise. At all.

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It’s a

29 Jul

good run-down.

Look, I am NOT a Hillary fan and never have been. Quite the opposite. But it is really quite clear that Hillary does not “get” Trump voters one little bit. She is a pretty tin-eared politician in the best of circumstances, and Trump is capitalizing on her ignorance and overweening, self-delusional narcissism. He is eating her lunch. Running on the status quo right now is a very, very bad idea. Then again, she is so old that she really didn’t have any choice–it was either now or never. She tried to beat Obama in 2008 but couldn’t. He was just a far better retail politician. She would not let age, a closed head injury, or Bernie Sanders get in her way. So now this is her last chance.

The bottom line is that she is a “mean girl.” She is dangerous up close but has cankles of clay that become unavoidable as you back up a little. Up close all you can see is her pointy teeth. So her minions rightly fear her prodigious and uncontrolled wrath, but the general public hates her. The closer you are to her Vesuvius-like tantrums the more you fear and out of that fear toe the line. But you don’t ever like her–it’s all about avoiding her wrath.

And as a public figure, most people only see her  from a distance. They only see these very unlikeable aspects of her, without the direct threat.  That’s why it was so deadly to have Obama say to her, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” I mean, has there ever been a more damning phrase? Ever? It ranks up there with “You’re no Jack Kennedy” and “Have you no shame?”

In this election you either kiss a toad or a turd. I don’t like it at all, but I see that it must be so. So “Here, froggy, froggy, froggy!”

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Honestly, I don’t understand

29 Jul

how Trump could be guilty of treason (I steal this from Krauthammer). Hillary has assured us that there was NOTHING in her deleted from her emails that had anything to do with national security. If you say Trump is urging the Russians to hack into national security stuff on her private server, then you are saying that Hillary DID hide national security stuff on her insecure server. If it really was just her yoga routines and details of Chelsea’s wedding, who the heck cares?

If what he did is treason, Hillary is guilty. But if she is innocent, he did nothing wrong.

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The 7 stages of Bernie.

29 Jul

Yeah, there are stages.

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28 Jul

that was short.

I think this really hurts Hillary. She needs those votes, and this puts them a stem away.

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And in fact,

28 Jul

this is true.

It’s the same old, tired thing. Every 4 years the Republicans are evil incarnate. Every 4 years they nominate Hitler for President.

They just have gone to that old saw too many times. Look, they even said mild-mannered altar boy Mitt Romney was evil and cackled as he gave people cancer! No matter who you are or how you live your life, they will say you are Hitler if you are the GOP nominee. And the dishonest MSM will back them up.

But don’t you get tired of being fed the same old crap every 4 years?

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