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I think it is indeed

31 Aug

outrageous. Very clearly wrong. It certainly looks like a cover-up, and the only punishment at hand is Hillary losing the election. She is as crooked as they come.

But why are the authorities covering for her? I really don’t get it. And how does this undermine the rule of law itself? No matter what one is charged with, one can say, “Well, Hillary was let off for her crimes, so why am I any different?” And that would be correct.

How can one enforce any crime with any kind of conceptual clarity or consistency? Do you just say that she is part of the privileged nobility and is therefore exempt from the law? But that was one of the driving reasons for the Revolutionary War!

See, I think she has undercut the rule of law itself. If she gets off, she certainly won’t be the last to do so, mark my words. And the “Hillary did it with impunity” defense is logically valid. There is a very good reason why the founding father so objected to Titles of Nobility

And then the issue is where the moral obligation to obey her is. Up to now, people have obeyed because there was a shared and accepted morality. But can Hillary make that argument?

I think we are failing to grasp just how serious this is. This is NOT insignificant damage. It is threat aimed at the conceptual heart of the Republic.


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She said those words,

31 Aug

she said them but she lied them (apologies to Dr. Seuss).

Honestly, at what point do people have enough and say that she is just too scaly to vote for? The question I would have for Hillary voters is,”Have you no morals? At long last, have you no morals?”

At what point does one decide that she is just too immoral to vote for? You would think that we’re already there!

I think that if some prominent Democrats decide that Hillary is just too corrupt to vote for, there will be a cascade, a tidal wave of non-voting Democrats. Once there are cracks in the dam, she won’t be able to stop the collapse.


Age and work.

31 Aug

The bottom line is this: You don’t work, you die.

The fantasy for many is to be independently wealthy and to not work at all. You know, win the lottery and coast on easy street for the rest of your life. But that would be a HUGE mistake. Humans are meant to carry loads, and if we don’t we quickly get depressed. It’s like this: An Alaskan Husky dog will just not be happy with the life of a lapdog for a single, disabled man who leaves the dog home alone in a small apartment for 10 hours each day. He will chew the furniture legs and destroy couch cushions. He will pee on the floor and then track it around. That dog has been bred to pull sleds all day every day, and to sentence it to just lying on the floor all the time is nothing but cruel. Same with us–we are not happy if we are not pulling a load. We may object to the load, but we actually need it.

OSU researchers found that healthy adults who retired one year past age 65 had an 11 percent lower risk of death from all causes, even when taking into account demographic, lifestyle and health issues. Even people who described themselves as unhealthy were found likely to live longer if they kept working, the study said.

And that is a very common finding! It is the rule, and that fact is well-known among geriatric researchers. We see age-related cognitive decline when there is not regular, challenging cognitive tasks (though that is certainly not the only reason for decline). I recently went to a conference at a hospital where they were hawking a video game for the elderly–because this problem-solving game demonstrably decreased the incidence of age-related cognitive decline (regular Sudoku did about the same thing, and there’s a very good reason I have that game on my iPad and play it regularly–word games and puzzles also helped a ton). There is just no good reason to retire if you can still work!

Retirement is often the kiss of death. As Tevye in Fiddler On The Roof said, Would it spoil some vast eternal plan if I were a wealthy man? Well, the answer is “Yes.” See, the vast eternal plan is for us to be happy, and sitting on the couch all day watching soap operas is not conducive to happiness. So we keep working in order to live. You don’t work, you die. That is the rule of all life. To gain muscle, I have to lift weight. And those weights are heavy! Watching TV while sitting on the couch will not make me buff.

When we look at big lottery “winners” we  see a large proportion of them who say they wish they had never won, that this trial had never come to them. Think about that for a moment. For these folks, marriages dissolve, kids get estranged, and depression becomes a constant companion. They mourn the loss of meaning in their lives. Life stinks. Suicide is a HUGE issue for older people in general (but mainly after retirement). A friend of mine has a rather aggressive form of cancer and so is on disability. So he goes to “work” most days volunteering at a church-run charity. He does that for a very good reason, even if he doesn’t know the specifics–he knows it intuitively. And he is right.

I have MS and can’t walk. I often get asked why I don’t just stop working (I still see patients) since I am so obviously disabled and SS disability is pretty much automatic. It is because I don’t want to die. Maybe someday, but not now. If, in the future, I had to stop seeing patients, I would sit in my wheelchair and welcome people to Walmart. But I would not sit home and watch Days Of Our Lives. I plan on dying at work!

In other words, we were meant to carry loads, and the lack of load makes us unhappy and eventually kills us. I will die eventually, but I have NO desire to hasten that event. I would love to see research comparing the depression scores scores of lottery winners before and after the winning. That would be procedurally very hard to do. But we already have a pretty stinkin’ good idea of what we would find. Maybe we could take measures of a large group of them and then a matched group of regular people. But we already have good data on before and after retirement, so we pretty much know what the result would be. The truth is, Social Security at age 65 makes no financial sense for the country, but it also make no personal sense.

I write this blog not just because of my writing skills and my interests, but also because I want to stave off cognitive decline. And so while it costs me money for the web site and for the hosting, and I don’t like paying the bill each year, it is probably money well spent for me.

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So gun ownership

30 Aug

rises to 44% of all homes. And if anything, that is a gross underestimate. I mean, gun sales have set new volume records each month for the last several years! Do you think all those millions of guns have gone only to collectors and other current gun owners? And how about those who have used handguns and decided to add an AR-15 or shotgun for the home? Or vice-versa.

And think about it, what percentage of homes with guns is unwilling to accurately acknowledge gun ownership and other protection measures to an unknown pollster? Let’s say the number is very low, say 6%. It is the one question that you never ask of gun owners. The actual percentage is probably is actually much higher, particularly where it is illegal, and given the negative social connotations by the “upper crust” who can afford to just hire armed goons to protect them and who look down their noses at the hoi polloi gun owners. Well, in that case there are really about half or more of homes with a gun. Half. And it is likely far more than that. And that with HUGE states like California and New York and New Jersey that violate the second amendment and functionally outlaw private gun ownership! I would not be at all shocked if the real number were more like 55 or 60%. And that is a low estimate. I’m sure it is close to 95% in many areas. And there is little crime like “hot” burglaries in those areas. No surprise there…

I have run into several upright citizens who live in states with terrible and unreasonably restrictive gun laws who have confided in me that they are skirting those laws in order to protect themselves and their families. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 and all that. They just don’t want to be a widow or a widower. Or a bereaved parent. I just can’t recall who has told me… Bad memory, I guess.

I think that it truly is irresponsible to not have a firearm to protect your family, if at all possible. Irresponsible. If you are a parent, it is YOUR responsibility to protect your family as best you can. You can’t just fob that responsibility off onto someone else. When seconds count, the police are only 20 minutes away! IF you can even get to a phone. As the song says, arm yourself because no one else here will save you…

And it is very interesting that we have had a drastic rise in gun ownership and no concomitant significant rise in gun accidents! So let’s not kvetch and whine about how this huge increase in guns has led to or will lead to a huge and astastical increase in gun accidents. It just hasn’t happened. You would expect there to be at least a little, but do the data support the idea that there are unusual problems from a statistical viewpoint? I certainly have never seen it, if it is even there. I just don’t think it is there. And then we have to balance that with lives saved because of increased guns… I very much doubt that there is a net loss. That just boggles the mind and goes against all available evidence.

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To be honest, it is

30 Aug

sheer incompetence that Trump has not focused on this. It is prima facie evidence that he is either incompetent or an undercover Hillary stalking horse.

I think Trumpkins need to own up to the fact that they got snookered. And this even though they were warned. Way to go… I am in the strange position of both thinking that Trump is an incompetent as well as hoping that he gets elected. It is indeed a strange time.

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How stooooopid is the minimum wage?

30 Aug

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of economics knows that the MW is a stupid, steaming pile of crap.


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Don’t lie to yourself,

30 Aug

Trump is losing badly. ALL signs point to it, and it is merely intellectual sloppiness that leads otherwise cogent people to assert otherwise. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

You can grasp at glimmers of hope that come now and again, but the die is cast

Here is a quote from the article:

Trump’s chances of winning were not just poor, but very poor, and that he was the GOP candidate least likely to beat Hillary rather than most likely.

That is true, and no amount of self-delusion will change that. Good job, Trumpkins. Way to go. You have managed to crap in the soup for all of us. See, YOU deserve to be forced to bow the knee to Hillary, but I sure don’t! This was stupid from the get-go.

So when Trump gets shellacked, will Trumpkins admit that the were duped? Don’t bet on it. They are characterologically set to avoid introspection. They can’t handle the truth and will retreat to some “safe space.” They will have all sorts of excuses for their loss: rigged system, fraud, the GOP establishment. Always someone else. And always bogus. And thus they are prevented from learning from their mistakes. They won’t be able to admit they were wrong.

But one reason the won’t look at is their own stupidity in nominating Donald Trump. No, it will always be someone else’s fault, not ever their own. It is psychological defensiveness and lack of introspection. It is psychopathological. Nice job–your man is losing badly to the worst candidate in 100 years. Own it!

And should Trump, against all logic and reason and data, win? I will happily admit I was wrong. But I’m not at all worried that will happen. The MSM has shilled for Hillary, but it is best for ratings for there to be some question. Even though there isn’t. Yeah, Hillary might be prosecuted for her many crimes and thus change the elections. And monkeys might fly out my butt. Yeah, about the same probability.

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30 Aug

Really? This is mental illness, plain and simple.

And here is a new one.

And what on earth is Hillary wearing in those pictures, a clown suit? It certainly is reminiscent of a circus tent!

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Honestly, I don’t get it.

29 Aug

You’d think that this was a clincher, a heavy rock tied tightly to Hillary’s neck as she struggles to swim to Presidential Promised Land.

Donald Trump has, so far, been guilty of gross electoral malpractice, IMHO. He should have been pounding this since last spring. I sure hope he gets his crap together. He could ride this horse to the White House. And if he is really serious about winning, he will.

If I were advising Trump I would advise him to hammer the crap out of Hillary on this issue. Challenge her early and often. It should be a part of every speech, every utterance from now until election day. If asked about foreign policy, for example, he should say, “As everyone knows who actually works for a living, the Obama/Hillary economy is horrible because of their incompetence and their old, tired, and discredited worldviews. Hillary says she would barrel on with these stupid, tired and outdated economic policies, but in terms of foreign policy that makes it hard for us to … Still, I would …”

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It has never

29 Aug

been said better.

The truth is that I think Donald Trump sucks and is a loser. I think it is by far most likely that he will crash and burn in November. And of course, he will do the crashing and the rest of us will burn for a generation. Thanks, Trumpkins. Way to go.

That said, I really hope Trump pulls his head out and pulls the election out of the dumpster fire that it is now. Why? Because he is very likely to make better SCOTUS appointments than Hillary. Even if half of his picks are stinkers, we already know for a fact that ALL Hillary’s appointments will be a Constitutional nightmare. And don’t kid yourself, there will be at least three and probably more appointments that will be made. So if Hillary chooses, we lose SCOTUS for at least a generation. THIS is the result of stupid Trumpkins, but that is beside the point.

The point is that if you care about freedom at all, you vote for Trump. Better to kiss a toad than a turd…

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