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But don’t worry

30 Sep

your simple little head. Just keep believing what the talking heads and the NY Times tells you. You really ARE a free thinker! I mean, you’re free to think just what the NY Times tells you, right? This is an isolated example and there is no problem with voter fraud. And we DON’T need voter ID! You just keep telling yourself that…

It might only be a thousand votes or so, and that would not make any difference. Gregoire in WA State and Al Franken in MN can tell you that. <sheesh!>

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The fruits of

30 Sep

Leftism with it’s “global warming” mental illness. This crappy political philosophy has produced what the crappy philosophy of Leftism has always produced–want and despair and death.

Understand that you are being duped. Your good impulses are being “flipped” to increase human suffering. You took the “one ring” with the intent to do good, but you are now a hated despot. Such are the wages of all Leftism. It is a ruse that deceives even the bright and good.

And don’t be fooled–this was always the intent. The intent was to both turn you and to cause misery and suffering generally. It is immoral.

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So why wasn’t

30 Sep

Hillary prosecuted? It would implicate Obama. Hillary is safe, because she knows where the bodies are hidden. Comey apparently just went along because he is a suck-up.

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Look, I’m not saying

30 Sep

that this poll is accurate. I very much doubt that it is. I oppose Hillary as much as the next guy, but I am very skeptical.

But this is a very Lefty blog. So the results should tell us something. I mean, there could be a mass of people deliberately distorting the poll–just messing with people. Possible. But I’m not sure many conservatives even visit BuzzFeed. So where did all these votes come from? Let’s see if this is a pattern.

What is funny is the BuzzFeed freakout. They have totally dropped the mask. Before, you just had to be a fool to think there was no media bias. But now you have to be a total idiot.

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Don’t you just wish

29 Sep

the USA were a Socialist paradise?

The truth is that political philosophy matters. Bernie Sanders is full of crap.  Socialism causes pain.


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Look, Obamacare is doomed.

29 Sep

It was a dog from the beginning–it would never work and clear thinking people knew that from the get-go. It sucks. It simply doesn’t work. It is even now collapsing.

If I were advising Trump I would tell him to hammer the crap out of this, and do it incessantly. And remember, not a single Republican voted for this and it was passed in the dead of night (or cover of darkness) by the Democrats. They jammed it down our throats. And it was just stupid, and always was. It simply cannot stand, though it will injure many of us before it finally dies. Just kill it, and put it out of our misery!

There are ways to do this, but the Democrat force option is not one of them. Insurance across state lines makes a whole lot of sense. Basic catastrophic insurance makes sense, and you can provide it as part of a welfare program. But what we have now is stupid and unworkable. But Democrats did it because it was a Democrat/Socialist  dream to do so. In other words, this crappy political philosophy has lead to suffering. Gee, what a surprise…

Trump should hammer the heck out of this Democrat turd.

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29 Sep

the age of Obama is OVAH! Too bad it didn’t happen years ago, but it takes guts sometimes to do the right thing.

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28 Sep

unbiased media at work.

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It is pretty clear

27 Sep

to me that Trump got whacked last night. Too bad. I was hoping Clinton would do her lizard-person tongue-flicking thing, but no. The truth is that Clintonites are still Clintonites, Trumpites are still Trumpites, and moderators are still horribly biased.

On the last point, I don’t understand why the GOP even agrees to these things. Let’s have one debate with a run-of-the-mill media Leftist shill, and one with a Conservative moderator. It doesn’t seem that hard. Why on earth is the GOP and Donald Trump agreeing to such things like Candy Crowley? I just don’t get it.


You know what solves

27 Sep

this? Universal concealed carry. No surprise at all that the least armed city in Texas is targeted.

Now let’s see if this guy is named “Mohammed.” Probably not, but it certainly would not shock me. But this may be the terrorist group Black Lives Matter rather than a terrorist group based in the Middle East.

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