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So when will

31 Oct

Democrats demand that Hillary step aside?

Oh yea, NEVER.

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Hillary is

31 Oct

this generation’s Nixon.

Don’t be fooled by the “first woman President” happy talk. She is a crooked scumbag. Plain and simple.

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I really hope

31 Oct

it is true. FBI agents should be in full revolt right now! I bet the rank-and-file FBI agents are both livid with rage and despondent.

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We are starting to

31 Oct

see the dam break.

Right now the cracks are tiny, microscopic even. But the Hillary camp is frantic for a reason. If such things gain even a little steam, the collapse is inevitable. The ripple turns into a wave, which turns into a storm, which turns into a typhoon. They’ve seen the ripple. Now they are trying to stop it from becoming a wave. The fact that this is happening at all means that the cracks, while still small, are getting wider. At some point it becomes uncontrollable.

Now, Hillary and her mindless myrmidons might be able to hold back the flood for a week. Yeah, probably. But then what? Do you really want to have to tell your grandkids that you actually voted for Hillary?

Funny thing, Nixon won his re-election by a landslide. Yet a decade later when pollsters asked, no one said the had voted for him! What happened? We know many people mis-reported–the data and are very clear and unambiguous. See, the intervening events made it so very few people admitted the truth of it anymore. After the fact they all talked about how the had always known he was a shady guy…

So what will people say about Hillary? And if that is already starting to happen, she is in deep kimchi. I’m not at all sure she can hold back the floodwaters.

Now, let’s see what happens. Donald Trump is a terrible candidate, so Hillary might well win, anyway. He might start talking incessantly about Miss. Universe and the size of her butt. Hey, she turned him down for a date once and he certainly can’t let that go–just wait until he tells the world that she has a big butt! Then she’ll get hers… And early voting has already started (which is why I totally hate early voting). So we’ll see. But how will history judge our actions?

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Yeah, it’s

31 Oct

morally the right thing to vote for Trump. It is flat-out immoral to do otherwise.

Why? As John Hinderaker says, people would tell Trump “no” while no one has the standing or intestinal fortitude to say “no” to Hillary. Plus she famously flies off the handle when frustrated in any way. The stories of her vulgar tantrums are legion. You get fired (or worse) when you tell her, “no.”

Let’s face it, Trump is the safer option. By a long way.


Yes, but

31 Oct

they won’t.

Hillary is corrupt. On that issue there just is no reasonable doubt. But the lust for power is often very strong. Already with Bill Clinton the Left let him off when they themselves said they were for women. It was rank hypocrisy.

Now Hillary is also asking the Left to jettison its principles in order to boost her and gain some real or imagined point. Such are the wages of Clintonsism…

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Well, let’s hope

31 Oct

this is true.

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I think this kind of stuff

31 Oct

is actually quite damaging to Hillary. This homemade sign was found in the Twin Cities, MN.


And just think for a moment of the motivation level behind this. The owner didn’t just see a pithy bumper sticker and impulsively put it on the car. No, the person stewed about this, thought about presentation, printed out the sign found tape, and jury-rigged taped it onto his car. That rendered the car less pristine and meant that it very well might be the recipient of vandalism, but the owner valued this more. That is a lot of planning and effort and sacrifice! This person is pissed. In other words, he or she is very motivated. And think of how many others are just slightly less motivated!

I mean, when was the last time YOU were that motivated? Think about what this means.

Now I don’t think it means that Trump will with the election, or even that state. Still…

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Just put

31 Oct

an end to it!  There just are no moral grounds for voting for anyone but Trump. I don’t like him at all, but it is flat-out immoral to make it easier for Hillary to win. Immoral. Say that to yourself because it is true. Immoral. Not just wrong or stupid, but immoral. It’s time to man up and face reality!

I won’t help Hillary. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

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You believe the

31 Oct

NYT is a reliable source? Don’t be a blamed fool

No one with an IQ above room temperature believes that anymore.

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