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Could be,

30 Nov

but I doubt it. See, she would have to have a conscience in the first place, and it is quite clear that she doesn’t. Quite.

Speaking of Hillary’s criminality, I really do wonder if this recount thing makes Trump more likely to pursue criminal charges against her. I mean she has really poked the tiger! This was stupid of her. Totally stupid. And for no reason–the recounts are a sure failure. All this does is make Hillary look like a spoiled, petulant, nasty, and sore LOSER along with provoking Trump. Bad move. Really bad.

What could well happen once Trump takes the Presidency is that he lets Sessions loose to indict her (it’s not him, after all!), and then partway through the trial (after the prosecution and before she rebuts the charges) Trump issues her a pardon. She is widely seen as guilty, and that sticks while Trump looks generous.  Of course, she takes the pardon (does she even have a choice?) but she has no chance to make the case in the public court that she is not slimy as all get-out.

Trump gets to look magnanimous and Hillary looks to all the world like the crook she is. Trump talks about how the country needs to move on from Hillary, etc.

Of course, half of he same thing would happen if Obama pardons her on the way out. That is probably the best possible outcome for her and it will indeed likely happen that way, though Obama hates her (and rightly so). But Obama himself is very much criminally implicated; his emails were on her private server under an alias (which shows criminal intent). So he may pardon her to keep certain things from coming to light. I doubt that he dares leave her to be possibly prosecuted by Trump and have that stuff come out. Discovery would be a HUGE problem for him. And it would be the highlight of the decade for me. And Obama loves himself most of all, dontcha know? He Himself is the dearest thing to him, by far. So the pardon won’t come from Trump, it will come from Obama.



The Left is

30 Nov

OK with (or at least silent about) beheadings and such, but now they are bombing Starbucks!

OK, crap just got serious for Leftists. For Leftists, it was all fine and good when someone else’s bull was getting gored, but now it’s different! Yeah, crap just got serious–they’re messing with my double latte, now…

Let’s hope the Left gets serious. They certainly haven’t been so far!

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30 Nov

this should happen. Stand up for what you believe! Don’t be a freakin’ whiner baby and pretend one thing while doing another. It is dishonest on many levels. So be an adult and proudly stand up for what you believe. Don’t be a wimpy turd.

Run on what you actually believe! If voters reject you, respect that choice.

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Call the

29 Nov

waaambulance! This is just stupid. Stein and Hillary are plain idiots. Way to cement your image as a total buffoon. Just spend a ton of money to dig a big hole and then pay again to fill it back in. Nice. Not only were they stupid in pressing the recounts, they were stupid in missing a key deadline. I guess they thought that rules were just for the little people…

I get that Stein is an idiot–I have known that for some time. It is plain on the face of things. She just did this for the donor money. But Hillary really soiled herself by joining in. Her proverbial colostomy bag leaked again. Yeah, she is as corrupt as the day is long, but historically she has not acted utterly stupidly. Until now.

Can you imagine how pissed people would be if she got her dream and the election results were overturned? There would be civil war. This is a travesty, an example of complete buffoonery. Stein had little to lose–she was always going to be viewed as a stupid loser. And Hillary cares about nothing but herself. I guess Hillary thought it was worth risking whatever good reputation history would have bestowed on her for this. After all, a good reputation does not pay her–she wasn’t using it, anyway. Very soon the only evidence of her will be the stench from her real ruptured colostomy bag. And she will be dead soon, anyway. She knows that she follows Fidel Castro, both literally and figuratively.


But I think this makes a Trump prosecution of Hillary more likely. Here’s what will happen: Sessions will investigate and bring charges. At the last second, Trump will step in and give her a pardon, with the explanation that while she is indeed guilty, we as a nation need to move on. Then the old crone dies. She is never legally convicted, but like OJ, everyone knows she is guilty.

Stein goes back to her usual faceless existence. Third parties understand that they have squandered a great opportunity, one they will never see again in three generations, all because they ran idiots and goofballs.

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29 Nov

FEEL the hate flow through you; come to the dark side…


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Yeah, maybe

29 Nov

you think voter fraud is not a problem, but you are just showing your ignorance and gullibility.

Pull your head out… of the sand!

There is A TON of evidence, but all you get from mindless Lefties is, “But what evidence is there to prove it?” Yeah, there is lots of evidence. Next time you hear that dodge, just cite this article. Of course, then you will get a fall back argument of, “Yeah, but it doesn’t change outcome!” Then why do it? Why risk (even a small risk) for nothing? Because it is NOT nothing. Ask Gregoire and Franken.


She’s ba-ack!

28 Nov


In all horror movies the monster comes back at the end, when you have relaxed and put your guard down. It’s not really dead. Like a bad case of crotch rot, it just will not go away…

Oh, I think there are several states that need a recount… Hillary barely won several!

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Yeah, before

28 Nov

you romanticize Castro, be fully aware that like Che Guevara, he was a moral monster.

And understand well that this is a product of the political philosophy itself. It is not an unfortunate by-product, the violence and misery are at the core of Leftism. You can’t engage in “a little leftism” and not promote violence and misery. It is a binary choice. You can do that no more than one can be “a little bit but not completely pregnant.”

So Fidel Castro is dead, and of course that’s a good thing. But the Leftism that spawned the violence and misery he promulgated is, unfortunately, not dead yet. I long for it to die, but as long as there are gullible and fallible humans, they will get snookered by con men.

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Havana then and now:

28 Nov

Years ago:




We need to understand that these are the wages of Socialism. THIS is the fruit of Leftism. The first photo is a still from a movie in the 5o’s. The bottom one is where we are now. THIS is what you get with Leftism. Misery and poverty for regular people, while gov’t apparatchiks live high on the hog. Yep, that is what Leftism is all about. Don’t tell me that philosophy doesn’t matter.

Show me a single example of Leftism working for more than five years. The best you can come up with is the Nordic countries, and they are not really hard left in many ways. In some ways, yes. But in many ways  those policies are often more Conservative than many in the U.S. So those are not an example. Try again.

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Yeah, this is

28 Nov

pretty much what Democrats are all about:


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