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A wise man

31 Dec

once said that sometimes the best diplomat is a Man O’ War. Yep.

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30 Dec

this anti-israel crap was all orchestrated by Obama. Shocker.

Yeah. Are you surprised? I’m sure not.

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30 Dec

it’s not over.

I think that most people want her to be prosecuted. She deserves it and is a criminal.

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It’s true.

30 Dec

Hillary’s fly is the best. It was almost for sure attracted by the smell emanating  from her colostomy bag. Hard for a fly to resist.

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30 Dec

is the lamest of lame ducks.

He should just leave. He is nothing but irritating.

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A truly

30 Dec

heartwarming story.

You know, it used to be a joke that Leftists would move on to knife control. Alas, truth is weirder than fiction.

People of good sense reject this crap. No wonder Trump won! If you don’t see the link after it has been explained to you, you are a total moron.

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I know that

30 Dec

I sure hope Leftists stay the course.

I mean, this is working GREAT!

To coin a phrase, don’t go changin’ …

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Life under

29 Dec

Obama. We ALWAYS knew that Kerry was an incompetent. What an embarrassment to have to say that I had voted for him! That would speak to amazingly poor judgment. No, I didn’t vote for him and that is to my credit. He is a TOTAL idiot.

And the fact that Obama picked this buffoon speaks loads as to Obama’s own stupidity, malice, and incompetence.

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It just

29 Dec

keeps going.

Imagine how good things would be if Obama were even halfway competent! Alas, that is too high a bar for him to clear…

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28 Dec

good news. And more here.

As I have said, the long, threatening night of the Orc is finally coming to a close, and we are starting to see a little lightening in the East. The last 8 years have truly been an epic fail, but we are finally feeling the boot on our necks starting to come off. At least it is no longer choking us. Things are now starting to look up. We are just now seeing a few economic stirrings–the green shoots are starting to rise from their long dormancy as the snow melts from the frozen ground.

Yes, Obama will wreak as much damage as he can on the way out–we know that very well. He has already done a great deal of damage and he will do far more before he is done. But he still has to leave. ALL gross and debilitating infections stop, eventualy. It may take years and much effort to reverse the damage, but we are on the right track. I think there is damage, but I don’t think the patient is dead, and the antibiotics are beginning to work. Obama has tried to kill the patient. He will continue to do so until he is gone. We are not done being damaged–not by a long shot. And he will do his best to make the damage lasts well beyond his actual presence.

But the dawn is breaking in the East.

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