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I agree

31 Jan

it’s tempting to just say to CA “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out,” but realistically the best option is to divide the state. It is way too big to govern now.  The truth is that it should be divided. There simply is no good reason to have it as it is. Liberals will squeal like a stuck pig, but we should give them what they want–good and hard. Look, they want it and I want to give it to them. Let’s do this.

Plus, that would have a HUGE salutary effect on the rest of the country. Politicians (national ones) would have to hew far more to the middle. People in CA would actually have a voice. It would greatly reduce the political divide in this country. It would be a painful transition, but one that would be good for virtually everyone after a generation or so.

I say do it! If you love representative government, do it.

New York is next–upstate is FAR different than NYC, yet is dominated by it.

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I see

31 Jan

this more and more.

The truth is that health “insurance” is not insurance at all. It is pre-paid services. Accordingly, it is priced much higher than actual insurance.

Around my area I am seeing more and more of this. One high-end psychiatric clinic around here has not taken insurance for 5 years–it is all cash on the barrelhead. Many others are going that way, and for good reason. I personally won’t take insurance–I will give a receipt but  that is it. If the patient wants to fight with their “insurance” company, they can. But I won’t do it for them, nor will I pay someone to do it for them.

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Once you have crossed the Rubicon,

31 Jan

the die (or dice) have truly been cast (thrown)We just can’t go back to the status quo ante. The Democrats were really stupid to have done this, but there is NO WAY Republicans should just unilaterally disarm. Oh, no, no, no.

Harry Reid made this bed, and Democrats richly deserve to lie in it! Stupid, stupid move by Obama, Reid, and the Democrats in general! Really stupid. Did they not think that they would ever be in the minority? Or maybe they just didn’t care what might happen in a year or two. THEY figured they would be gone, and that’s all they cared about! Well, now the bill has come due, and there will be payment…

Indeed, why not get rid of the filibuster now for SCOTUS justices? Do you really think that when the shoe is on the other foot that the Democrats will hesitate for a nanosecond? Let me fill you in–uh, no. What kind of moron thinks they will? What kind of moron thinks THEY would hesitate in doing it right now, if they could? So start now.

They started this, and the only reason they don’t like it now is because they are on the whipping end of it. But if they had the handle, YOU would feel the lash. Don’t fool yourself. Pity and protocol (in this situation) are for losers. It’s time for Republicans to stop being losers.

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31 Jan

unbiased MSM at work.

Gee, I wonder what else they are withholding. And they wonder why most people don’t trust them? Yeah, wake up and smell the coffee, pal. NOW they tell us!

An honest broker would have said this before the election. The MSM are NOT honest brokers…

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31 Jan

Any of us would be fired if we refused our boss’s direct order. And good riddance, you freakin’ idiot! See ya.


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30 Jan

very good.

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30 Jan

and Trump will be lauded by the same media that now belittle him. Once he is done with his last term and is safely never going to run again, that is. Until then he is Hitler incarnate, the 6th beast of the apoclypse. It is stunningly predictable. It is the same ol’ same ol’.

You would think that the general public would wise up to this schtick. I hope they will, eventually. <sigh>

But it’s entirely predictable that the MSM will do all they can to discredit Trump now. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. That leopard is not gonna change spots. Whether or not their reports are rooted in truth, though, is quite unclear. Maybe. Maybe not.

But tell me again why I should believe them over a dog-faced baboon? I mean, the baboon also has sensation, so what makes the media’s sensations more representative of truth than the baboon’s? What is the basis for believing them?

And if you admit that they are not infallible, how do YOU decide what is actually true and what isn’t? All you have done is moved the question down a level, but you have not at all answered the question. You’ve just stamped your foot and said it’s turtles all the way down.

See, the media are making a truth claim, and I would like to know the basis of that claim. Upon what is it based? Just why should I believe them?

One reason for mainly local government (as local as possible) is that you can actually know and have a human relationship with local leaders. National? Not so much. That’s a big reason why all leadership and all regulation should be as local as possible and national leadership should be both minor and unobtrusive. Maybe the most important one.

I can know my local leader. I have never even met Donald Trump.


You may like

30 Jan

your Democrat Senator. But understand that by voting for him or her you are in fact endorsing, aiding, and abetting the national Democrat agenda. You are not the “trigger man,” but you are a nodding collaborator. Think about that.  Are you sure you want to do that?

You may decide to vote for a person you don’t like even though you like the other side! I personally have certainly done that—voting against a close boyhood friend because I didn’t want to give aid and comfort to the party he represented. It is not easy, but to quote a famous philosopher (Ursula the Sea-Witch), life is full of tough choices, idn’t it?

The Democrats are in a world of hurt for the 2018 elections. Don’t squander this opportunity.

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I HATE the fact

30 Jan

that some (Washington Post, NY Times, WSJ) put articles behind pay walls or they are entirely behind pay walls. It is such a jerk move! It’s also a jerk move for blogs to link to them.

I know that I personally won’t link to information behind a pay wall.


Here’s what I don’t understand:

30 Jan

Why on earth would any American Jew vote Democrat? I guess if they are Jewish in name only and don’t really give a flying fig about Israel or their family heritage, the would only focus on the tradition of Jews being Leftist. It is just culture.

But if you care one bit about Israel, why would you vote for a Democrat? I mean, Democrats are very clearly and vocally on the side of all things anti-Israel. Sure, it makes no logical sense for Democrats to hate the one democracy in the Middle East and cozy up to dictators such as the ones in Iran, but why do American Jews tolerate such crap?

The only thing I can think of is that it is cultural, not rational. I think it is just mindless hewing to tradition.

American Jews have bought the Leftist caricature of those on the Right as slack-jawed hicks from the Ozarks who hate them and would do violence to them and that only the “enlightened” Left will protect them. There is also a cultural issue in that they want to be associated with the “cool kids” and slack-jawed mountaineers are simply not cool.  Maybe there is a nagging feeling that they as Jews are not really in the “in crowd” in the first place, and they desperatly want to be part of the group.

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