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Well, I’m

28 Feb

not at all surprised.

I think the Oscars are just tired and trite. No one cares. At all.

The HUGE gaffe was just the icing on a crap cake. Two more years of this and the Oscars won’t even be televised. Then the media whores of all stripes won’t show up at all.

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Here is something

28 Feb

that Democrat nightmares are made of.

Look, if this kind of stuff catches on they are totally hosed. In the same vein, if Blacks leave the reservation and don’t reflexively vote Democrat, the Democrats will totally die. That’s why they are absolutely apoplectic about Trump making overtures to the Black community. But they should also worry about this.

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Can you say, “astroturf?”

28 Feb

I knew that you could!

They are “astroturfing” because they have nothing else.

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I find it a fascinating example of

27 Feb

hypocrisy that the court jesters of the Oscars claim to just love illegal immigration so much and yet don’t bus illegal immigrants in for a free meal and evening of entertainment! It seems like raging hypocrisy to me. REALLY?  They want a venue to pat themselves on the back while they wear gowns that cost more than an illegal immigrant will make in two decades, yet won’t give a penny to the downtrodden? How about you put your money where you mouth is, you stinkin’ hypocrites! Shame on you!

Trump should have spent 10 grand to bus illegal aliens to the Oscar presentations and see if they were turned away. That would have been totally hilarious! I can just imagine Triumph the Insult Comic Dog working the entrance. You think Star Wars geeks were funny? This would have been freakin’ hysterical! It would have lived forever on YouTube.

At the very least they could have a “sister event” where the room was full of immigrants and perhaps even terrorists! No need for ANY security of any kind, or any effort to keep the bums out. They could have an “all-comers” buffet beforehand, as well.

If they really cared, they’d do these things. But it is quite obvious that this is just another role they are playing–it’s not who they really are. They don’t actually care. It’s an act, and they are professionals at acting.

If they really cared, they would do ONE movie a year where they donated their entire salary to immigrants. Just one. OK, one movie every other year. Even half their salary every other year. But they don’t and won’t, because they are stinkin’ hypocrites.  They don’t actually care, they are just showboating, It is who they are.

Or have each studio give the profits of one of their top five movies a year to illegal immigrants. Yeah, I don’t see that happening, either. But they and the celebritards can sure spend one night a year patting themselves on the back! I know what the best picture that I can imagine is! And the celebitards won’t like it one bit.

For us regular people it is all so aggravating. The hypocrisy is just sickening! There is a very good reason that I will never again watch the Oscars without some significant changes.

It is high time that we call the hoity-toity actors out for their overweening and disguting hypocrisy. Until they do this, they can just shut the heck up.

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The stupid celebritards

27 Feb

can kiss my butt. Who gives a flying fig what these morons say on the Oscars show? I know I don’t. Why on earth would I waste my time watching the Oscars? If I were to speak to them, I would tell them to shut the frack up. All they do is piss people off with their incessant narcissistic preening. It’s totally insufferable! Just shut up! No one cares what you say. Shut up monkey, and dance!

If they were smart they’d knock this crap off.

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It is QUITE clear

27 Feb

that once one sets the economy free from regulation and other Lefty controls, it grows like gangbusters and people’s lives are blessed. We have repeatedly seen that over the last century or so. I sure hope we see it again, and Trump gives me hope.

I mean, name one recent area where there has been less regulatory control.

The Internet.

And as a result, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Naturally, now the Leftists want a regulatory scheme (the so-called ‘net neutrality crapola) that impedes its growth and effectiveness through stifling and onerous regulation and taxation. Do you think that if people actually wanted what ‘net neutrality gives that there would not be companies willing to provide it? If it is a winner it will come forth no matter what. There is no way to stop it. If it is a loser, it will (eventually) lose no matter what–you would have to use force to MAKE people accept it, and that would work, but only temporarily. Well, that force is the foundational tenet of the Left. The Left can’t afford to have you exercise your freedom of choice. Leftism only works if there is force. Freedom or moral agency in any form is anathema to Leftism in any form.

So the Left covers their schemes in rainbows and unicorns and pie-in-the-sky, but that is just a sales pitch meant to anesthetize the masses so they don’t resist the knife. There may indeed be a beatifully embroidered velvet glove that you see, but it is covering an iron fist. It is a whited sepulcher. The art work on the outside may indeed look pretty, but inside it is full of dead men’s bones and the Cambodian killing fields and the National Sociatist Jew ovens and Venezuelan starvation and all manner of putrescence. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let your good intentions pave the way to Hell on earth.

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Yet another

27 Feb

heartwarming story. 

I just love a happy ending! And we only have a happy ending because of civil rights. Gun rights. Good thing we have them, eh? Gee, I guess the framers of the Constitution were wise.

Now if we can just get the freaking dinosaurs in CA and Chicago to get with the times! What we need is national concealed carry. Gun control is SO 1989…

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Donald Trump

27 Feb

is not going to the “nerd prom” at all. Good.

I think it is genius. Why give credence to the cretins? There was no “upside” at all for him. The nerd prom just won’t survive without Trump. But Trump can certainly survive without the nerd prom. These are NOT his people.

Things are different, now. The MSM is so horribly biased anyway that there is no way Trump could go there and be treated with any decency at all. I wouldn’t feed the trolls!

It just would not end well. Bravo for Trump in cutting the head off this particular snake.

I’m sure the nerd prom will go on as planned this year. But next year?  Will they even plan it knowing that Trump probably won’t show? Is this the end of the self-congraduatory nerd prom? The year after there would be some bitter mumbles, and then nothing after that.

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I really don’t care

26 Feb

about the Oscars.  I haven’t watched for years, and I won’t tonight. I would urge ALL Americans not to watch.

The Hollywood limousine liberals are just sick. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about what they say. They are typically idiots.

They are trained monkeys–I pay them to act, and they are no more astute about other things than your average Joe. To think otherwise is delusion and self-delusion. They are experts in acting, but don’t necessarily  know ANYTHING about other stuff. So shut up and act!

It’s a little like the “nerd prom.” It’s just them patting themselves on the back, and I don’t give a crap what they say.

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The stress hormone

26 Feb

cortisol linked to obesity.

I gotta tell you, I’m not surprised at all. For the last several years I have assume that was the case.

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