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It is quite clear:

31 Mar

If you use investigative journalism techniques against a Lefty organization, you will be made to suffer.

Use them against a putative Conservative organization, and you are a “freedom fighter” who is lauded to the high heavens.

It all depends on who your target is…

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It is quite clear, to

31 Mar

riff on Rush Limbaugh, that if Democrats are willing to filibuster Goresuch, they would filibuster anyone. It can be a moderate” or a fire-breathing Conservative. It really doesn’t matter, anyone that Trump nominates the Democrats will oppose. Any Conservative at all.

I guess he could re-nominate Merrick “the elephant man” Garland, but there’s no rational reason to think he actually would. Even in that fantasy case, I bet you would get a couple Democrats who would vote against him just because Trump nominated him!

No, there’s no appeasing this irrational crowd. So you might as well push the sword in to the hilt. You might as well take it to the limit, because the Democrat response will be exactly the same whether you nominate the Easter Bunny or Satan himself. And there simply is no reason or rationality to their arguments.

The sooner Trump really understands this, the better. And I’m willing to bet that the whole Goresuch circus has made the scales fall from his eyes. I sure hope so.

I think it’s abundantly clear that the Democrats are NOT acting in good faith, here.



30 Mar

question: Has any major political party in any country ever had such an unsympathetic set of leaders as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton?

See, I don’t think so. This is historic.

2018 elections could be a real bloodbath for Democrats. I certainly don’t expect it to happen, but if the 2018 elections really go sideways for them, their teetering perch comes crashing down totally.

If there is a populist meme of, “Just kill it!” that takes the country by storm, the Democrat party could be on life support. Or dead.

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Look, Trump

30 Mar

was never a Conservative. I don’t think he ever pretended to be. I think that he leans toward conservativeism just out of good sense, but he is certainly not an identity or a “movement” Conservative. He is not really a political philosophy sort of guy

What he is is a guy who will go to RINOs and Dems and shake them by the ears until they get something beneficial done. He is an iconoclast. He is a demolition artist. He is a “My way or the highway” sort of guy.

We need to know what we’re dealing with. Now he is very likely to make good, Conservative picks for SCOTUS. And THAT, IMHO is as important an issue as there is–almost for sure the most important one. He is also likely to inject some good sense into the tax code. But let’s not be confused that he himself is a conservative. He is not.

I think he is more like a modern day “Scoop” Jackson in terms of where he falls in the Left/Right continuum. As a Conservative, I am just fine with that. Conservatives would and should be thrilled to death with a “Scoop” Jackson.

I think Trump has some very Conservative instincts. He is not a scholar, and he might not know the provenance of some of his ideas, but he is Conservative in some areas (especially foreign policy). In domestic issues, he seems to be far more traditional liberal. But he jives with Conservatives in that he does not want a Lefty activist Supreme Court.

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Yeah, all these

29 Mar

Lefties got defeated. To quote Wodehouse, I give no damns…

Maybe the long night of the Lefty Orc really is ending, at least for now. I sure hope so. The night has been very dark, and now we see the first glimmers of the dawn in the East. And unlike those new ones in the famous story, these Orcs really can’t survive sunlight.

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29 Mar

Don’t be a frickin’ dinosaur. This is the wave of the future. 13 state have already gone this direction, and many more will. I would expect only the backward CA, IL and NY to eventually be the only caught-in-a-timewarp holdouts.

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The bald truth is

28 Mar

if you would vote against Goresuch, you would vote against ANYONE nominated by a Republican. This is NOT an honest response.

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What a

28 Mar

heartwarming story! Tale as old as time: Little boy grows up to be the man that defends the family! Awww! <sniff> They grow up so fast!

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How stupid is

27 Mar

direct election of senators?

Look, it  originally was that the legislative branch was both part of the tripartite separation of powers and was itself divided. THAT is why there is a bicameral system in the first place! And it worked great for years. Then we moderns stepped in and screwed it up. And this system is just stupid.

House members were (and still are) elected by popular vote in the states. They also had to stand for election every two years. They were rightly seen as being closest to the will of the people. But that wasn’t the whole story, like it foolishly is now.

Senators were once, in contrast, chosen by state legislatures. They represented the state. They were chosen every six years. The State legislatures were quite important. And only one third of national Senators were up for re-election (by the state legislature) in election years.

See, the states were sovereign nations that were united. Hence, the “United States.” The states themselves were represented in this way. The Senate was qualitatively different than the “People’s House.”

There was a good reason for the arrangement, and it preserved both Federalism and Representative government. Now it is gone and state legislatures are the poor and insignificant country bumpkin cousins. They are, at best, the minor leagues. They are just a step toward national office. They now have little to no national power. They are the backwater.

But there is simply no reason to have both parts of the national legislature be identical. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. You might as well have one big legislature. It it logically stupid.

But worse, it has led to some very bad outcomes. There is really no way that Leftism could have taken root without direct election of Senators. We almost certainly would not have had the barbed hook of Obamacare. And understand well that the original plan was to check sudden and drastic changes. Direct election of Senators short-circuits this and allows such change. Get rid of it! It is a horrible idea.



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So now is it time

27 Mar

for Lefties and their sympathizers to eat crow? Hmmm, it seems that (again) Trump was right and his hysterical critics were wrong. Gee, why am I not surprised?

I would at least hope for an apology and a mea culpa. Good manners and normal human decency demands it. But of course that won’t happen…

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