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Turns out,

30 Apr

I have been on a hunger strike my whole life!

The comments are snarkily hilarious.

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30 Apr

this is by no means a surprise. At all.

It’s not like it’s optimism, really. It’s more like a mugger putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger, only to have it jam and not fire. THAT was the 2016 general election.

So yes, small businesses are more optimistic, They just can’t believe that they are still alive. Against all odds, against all probability, they are still alive. Yes, they lost all bowel control when their life was threatened and it appeared to be all over, but now they are alive to go change their pants. And they are very happy about having to go change their britches.

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In talking

29 Apr

with my sister, I realized that the culture is indeed changing. And there are several big things that have led to that change. These things are in many ways not obvious, but they all strike at the heart of our culture of Leftism in general.

The first is cell phones. There is a TON of freedom in being able to call whenever and wherever you want. You can play games or surf the web if you want. No one tells you what you have to do. You can call across the country as cheaply as almost anything. In fact, free in many cases.

Similarly, Internet phone has made a HUGE difference. National calling is free–no long distance charge. I have a local number in another state that my kids at college and in-laws can use and it is free. It is a local call. But it rings my phone in another state. The bill? It is not uncommon to pay $100 a month for a traditional land line. I pay that for a year.

Heck, I bought a mattress online. It was half the price of the one I bought ten years ago, a ton better, and I get to actually sleep on it for over three months and during that time I can get a full refund if I hate it. Done. Done, done, DONE!

Like many, many people, I have no cable or satellite right now. And I don’t miss it much at all. I can get pretty much everything I want via streaming. Or I can buy the DVD if I really want it. Live sports are still an issue, but I doubt they will be for long. If ESPN had an online subscription service (and they are hurting right now so they may adopt it), it would be totally over. And we are seeing satellite TV providers respond with things like SlingTV and several other similar services. SlingTV is about $20 a month, IIRC. That is perhaps $100 a month less than what you are paying now.

Finally, we are seeing an explosion of gun rights issues. From national reciprocity to “Stand Your Ground” statutes, times are very much changing. There are relatively cheap mills that sit on the kitchen counter and can fabricate guns out of a block of metal. And those mills (and 3-D printing–a search on Amazon brought up a category of 3-D printers under $300) will only get cheaper. The old gun control agenda is rightly seen as a Jurassic set of policy priorities.

But understand that all these things are an acknowledgment that traditional modern structures are unable to deliver. We just had to wait for technology to catch up. I mean, law enforcement agencies are unable to actually prevent crime, and at best can just track the perpetrator down after the fact. The damage has already been done. These are yet other instances where one takes the responsibility on oneself. I can think of several more off the top of my head. THAT is Conservativism in a nutshell, and it rightly is seen as an existential threat by the Left.

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So the FBI

28 Apr

convened a grand jury for Hillary in 2016. Yet we are only hearing about it NOW.

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The feminist

28 Apr

Lefties are strangely silent about female genital mutilation. Why?

It’s almost as if they were just shills for Leftism and don’t actually give a rat’s patoott about women at all!

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I think it’s

28 Apr

a great question.

Where are the Democrats ideas and proposals about how to fix Obamacare? Do they just  not care about people who are being hurt?

I have no problem with criticism. What I do mind is pot-shotting from the bleachers and refusing to strap on the cleats and go to work. It just seems so hypocritical. Put your money where your mouth is, Democrats!

I think we’re all sick of the impotent whining.

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“Do what we

28 Apr

what we want or we’ll shut the government down and YOU will get the blame for it.”

That is the Democrat mantra. What is crazy is that many folks buy the Democrat narrative that blames it on the Republicans. I honestly don’t get it. Maybe they are just snookered by the MSM water-carriers.

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It really is

28 Apr

a heartwarming story.

She and her parents will sit and watch a game show on TV this afternoon. Why? Because a gun was available and she knew how to use it.

Let that be a lesson to you. Know how to protect yourself and the ones you love.

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28 Apr


You gotta be kidding!

This lame explanation is just a convenient fairy tale. He is a scammer. DUH!

Not only was he a terrible choice for President, not only would Hillary have beaten him soundly, not only would his cabinet choices have been far less conservative, but he is a dishonest criminal. Thank Heaven Trump won. Trump has his weaknesses (as do we all) but at least he is not a dishonest criminal or a total moron. McMullin is at least one and quite possibly both.

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Venezuela is a total mess,

27 Apr

If you really like the pain, suffering, and abject misery of humans, Venezuela is totally for you. And don’t be confused, THIS is the bitter fruit of Leftism. THIS is what you get. There simply are no excuses in this case. Leftism doesn’t work. And those who have been forced to drink out of that bitter cup are not anxious to again stain their lips.

I mean, how dumb or dismissive of reality do you have to be to be a Leftist now? If you are still a Leftist, maybe you just don’t care about human suffering. Or the horse you bet on long ago lost and yet you keep placing more and more money on it in the deluded hope that it will eventually pay off. Uh, that horse lost already, so quit putting money on it. Or maybe you just don’t know crap. But it’s evil, stupid, or hidebound to hold to Leftism. There just are no other choices. It is one of these or a combination of these.

Folks, Leftism is a doctrine of misery and human suffering. It is morally wrong. It is NOT merely a matter of preference–you know, you say “potato” and I say “potahhto.” I jury is NOT out–they have looooong ago rendered their verdict and gone back home to sit on the couch with a cold one and watch Jeopardy.  Leftism has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. We know the facts! It is not even debatable anymore.

Don’t be foolish and immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s high time you just admit you were wrong and move on. Lots of people have been fooled by this, so don’t let your personal psychopathology get in the way of you changing.

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