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I’m telling you,

31 May

the Left is running a significant risk! You won’t like it if the Right starts acting like the Left.

And it’s been a long time coming, but we maybe starting to see a change, now. I think that is not a good thing, but it is certainly understandable.

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The Sanctimony Dividend.

31 May

Yeah,that’s a term I invented. And it totally works. It’s the bonus you get from eating organic foods and driving a Prius (Pius?) even though organic food sucks (and uses more resources) and your Prius is demonstrably worse for the environment than normal cars. But eating organic and having a Prius both give you a Sanctimony Dividend. That is, they give you permission to look down your nose at all the low-life trogs who drive Hummers and eat at McDonald’s, NOCD, and it gives you bragging rights with the neighbors.

Due to some gratuitous and totally irrelevant profanity in the Urban Dictionary slang definition of “Trog,” I will define it here:

Comes from latin word Troglodite, meaning  cave man…
NOCD= Not Our Class, Dear
Example: The mom saw the 17-year-old daughter look with great interest on the handsome young waiter as he walked by their table, and said, “NOCD.”
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So why did Trump win?

31 May

First of all, Hillary Clinton was a wretched candidate. Let’s be quite clear about that. She totally sucked as a candidate. She had all the charming personality of a pit viper along with the demonstrated judgment of one of the Three Stooges. Of course Trump won!

DT gets lots of criticism about how he is a neophyte and a non-traditional candidate and really doesn’t know his way around and talks mean to other world leaders, but that is exactly why he won! This was NOT a time to be running as a status quo Presidential candidate. And that is exactly what Hillary was (at best). That, and she was clearly and obviously totally dishonest and interpersonally repulsive, to boot.

Sure, Trump makes mistakes, but that is only proof of his “outsider” status! Instead of that hurting him. it helps him. The Lefties whining and blathering on about Russia and impeachment only underlines the fact of his outsider status as well as the Democrat (and their toadies’) own mendacity, hypocrisy, overweening hubris, and essential distastefulness. That helps Trump. If the stupid Democrats continue, they may well solidify a Republican House and Senate in 2020. They have nothing to offer other than not being Donald Trump. I just don’t think that’s enough.

With Trump, it’s the classic schoolyard reply to being called “fat.” “Sure I’m fat but you are ugly and I can lose weight!” If  Trump “loses weight” and learns in office the Dems are well and truly hosed. Already, they have not won a single special election. They only lost by six in Montana when the Republican in the race assaulted a reporter, so I guess that is kind of a moral victory for them. Yeah, some groundswell…

And at times Trump’s skill is nothing short of breathtaking. But his performance is spotty. With experience he will get consistency. Then look out, Lefties! There is indeed a learning curve, here. Regular people understand that and don’t join the chorus of Lefty nattering wig-outs over early mis-steps. Trump just needs to learn the ropes. And he seems to be a quick study.

Trump’s election is rightly seen as a rejection of the corrupt House of Clinton. But what is less obvious is that it was also a rejection of “mainstream” Republican candidates (of which there were many in the Primaries). Hey, I liked Fiorina best, followed by Cruz. But I sure like what Trump has done so far. Really, I could not be happier.


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The dim bulb

31 May

speaks again.

I’m sure she has important splinter skills. She is still there, after all…


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Well, the truth is

31 May

that the “deep state” leakers are indeed treasonous.

I (with very few exceptions) don’t care what is going on, leaking is morally wrong. If discovered, they should be frog-walked out of the White House carrying a cardboard box of their belongings.

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“Organic” foods

31 May

are simply a menace to the environment. The produce sucks, it uses almost double the land to produce, there is a heck of a lot more wasted food, it is horribly expensive, and there is not a shred of evidence that it is any way better for you than “regular” food. In fact, it is demonstrably worse for the environment.

It’s like your car. You muster all you faux piety and look down your nose at your neighbor and their gargantuan Hummer. Yeah, but when you count all the “dirty” processes that go into making batteries, driving that gas-guzzler Hummer that gets a disgusting 10 MPG is in fact better for the environment than driving a Prius (though there is not the sanctimony dividend that one gets from driving a Prius)!

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It is indeed

30 May

sad. And I certainly don’t approve. But this is entirely predictable. We Conservatives are tired of the crap and we’re not going to keep taking it. No more “manners leads to losing.” You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

The election of Trump shows the sea-change that is taking place. People are heartily sick of the Left and are starting to revolt. And it won’t be pretty. To quote a phrase, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” Up to now the Left has been able to get away with their crap, but that is quickly coming to an end. People are lying to pollsters. They are voting to “Burn the whole thing down.”

This Lefty hypocrisy is dangerous. No one wants where it leads. But at some point the prisoner rips the whip out of the guard’s hand.

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Yes, Socialism

30 May

will never go away. Why?


The privileged class is greedy and they want to keep their privileges. The poor are also greedy–they want to take from others–they covet which they don’t have (I know I am not making myself popular by criticizing the poor–I was never a popular guy, anyway). So both the givers and the takers are totally greedy. They either covet their own riches or covet the riches of others. Such a system is very unlikely to ever collapse on it’s own–human greed keeps it going indefinitely.

The problem is NOT the riches (people like Bernie Sanders have that all wrong), but the coveting.

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I’m telling you,

30 May

the whole Trump/Russia stuff is a bunch of hogwash.  It was never a reasonable assertion. It was always an excuse by Hillary for being an utterly wretched candidate.

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Oh no.

30 May

Please, no.

Actually, I hope she does run. Why?

  1. If indeed she is still alive (I’m betting against that, but I could be wrong–there are many miracles of modern medicine) she could run. But if she ran she would continue to damage the Democrats. In any case, she is a frail old woman. Now. Think about what she would be like in 3.5 years!
  2. She would suck all the oxygen out of the race for Democrats. She only got the nomination last time because there was no other half-decent choice. Her even potentially running squeezes others out and delays even more the emergence of decent Democrat candidates. If she does run, it may well mean at least 12 years of Republican Presidencies. Even now no other Dem is leading the charge against Trump–she is. And that is bad news for Democrats. If she were smart and concerned mainly about Democrats she would be clear that she herself is not running and endorse an up-and-comer. Sclerosis kills and she would be almost 74 next time. Bill would be dead.
  3. She is so nasty that no one wants to make her mad. That’s why she would have a clear field. Like last time. Though remember, she couldn’t even beat an aging socialist who looks like one of the old heckler muppets on “The Muppet Show” and so she had to resort to fraud in order to “win.” Trump will again beat her like a rented mule.

So I hope she is still alive and runs.

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