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I read a couple

30 Jun

of pages of Schlicter’s recent book. I stopped because I really didn’t enjoy all the profanity–it seemed gratuitous to me. And I have served with Marines, so it’s not like those were new words for me. I just got tired of it. Meh.

But Schlicter’s drubbing of CNN is nothing but hilarious!

The sad thing is that we don’t have a mainstream watchdog media. I really wish we did. They sold their souls in sucking up to Obama. They were blatantly Obama toadies. Now, when they criticize Trump, one HAS to wonder if this is just so much self-serving crapola. Is what they say actually true or is it merely another manifestation of their mealy-mouthed suck-up-ism? Are they telling the truth or is this just more trash from bullying yet obsequious-to-power Wormtongue?


Aaaaand we see what the Left reflexively

30 Jun

does here. This is NOT mere stupidity. It is malice aforethought.

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Tax reform

30 Jun

is something desperately to be wished for.

No one I’ve ever met or heard has argued that there should be NO income tax. That is a stupid straw man. But many people object to egregious taxes!

The pain of taxes is numbed by the anesthesia of withholding. If everyone just wrote a check for their taxes (like those of us who run our own businesses or are 1099) trust me, taxes would be lower. That’s why the 1099 “gig” economy (such as Uber and Lyft) is so important. The more people who are 1099 folks, the better. It would only take 5%, and I can tell you that as an employer I don’t know why I would have anything other that 1099 contractors if I could possibly get away with it.

The system we have right now is horrible.

Why not do a flat tax? You pay, say, 20% of all income over $20 grand. EVERYBODY. No withholding by the gov’t. Income tax is easy to figure. It takes 5 minutes and does not require more compliance costs–take your W-2 gross. Subtract 20,000. Multiply THAT by .20. That is what you owe. Fill out a half-page documentation form. Write a check to the Treasury for that amount. Mail it to them. Done.

You didn’t file taxes? Then no welfare of any kind for you. No food stamps. No Social Security disability. No house loans. No rental background check approval. No car loans. No student loans. No account with the electric or gas or Internet company. No passing the mandatory background check for typical hiring–you have to live exclusively under-the-table. There must be either a 5-year history of filing or strong documentation as to why not.

As a housewife you made $0? OK, 0-20000 x.20=$0 tax. Not a toughie. EVERYBODY files.


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Why is

30 Jun

this guy so funny? I mean, it seems unfair–I would like to be funny, too.

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Are there ANY

30 Jun

real hate crimes?

I’m sure there probably are, but I’m just talking out of a hole in my head, here.

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It’s a great question.

29 Jun

National Review remembered Ronald Reagan asking this question:

There is no question that the law allows one to name an unborn child as an heir–the unborn child indeed has property rights. That point is NOT at all controversial. You can’t make a tumor an heir, but you certainly can an unborn child.

Now let’s say a wealthy man gets some kind of illness that will kill him in a month. His wife is almost five months pregnant with their child. So he executes a valid will, leaving half the estate to the mother and half to the yet-to-be-born child. That is totally kosher in terms of the law.

Then dad dies. Mom is now nearly six months pregnant. Could she just get an abortion at this point and therefore get ALL the money? Why or why not?


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It all comes down to

29 Jun

one reason. It’s ALL about the Benjamins…

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Huh. I thought

29 Jun

this never happened and was just the rantings of mad Conservatives!

Oh, I guess not. Let’s just say that unlike some I am neither stupid nor gullible…

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If the MSM

29 Jun

is so reliable, why are they doing all these settlements?

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To quote

29 Jun

Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king!”


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