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Look, pal,

31 Jul

THERE IS NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT DT OR HIS PEOPLE COMMITTED CRIMES IN REGARD TO RUSSIA! Get that into your thick head. This is merely an irrational witch-hunt. It is total nonsense that Mueller is even involved. If he has no evidence (as it appears) he should shut things down and go home.

Democrats, on the other hand, are pretty clearly guilty of corruption. Ask DWS about it.

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There are indeed

31 Jul

some pretty serious scandals to investigate. And the Trump/Russia crap is not among them. I think the Imran Awan deal is seriously explosive. Really seriously.

But I think it is quite clear that the Trump/Russia deal is meant to distract from the real issues, to give guilty Democrats “cover” for their nefarious behavior. That’s what Mueller is all about, as well. Can’t he see that he is being used? He is just a tool in the hands of Lefty shills.

But let’s investigate all the scandals, I say.

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Yeah, seems

31 Jul

pretty dang “odd,” like there was blackmail or something involved. Or at least something pretty scaly that DWS has eager to not have revealed to the public. Hey, but I’m just sure there wasn’t and DWS treats everyone in like manner.

Yeah, whatever.

Read the Daily Caller article. This is more than a little fishy. Much more than a little!

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Scandal after scandal

31 Jul

after scandal for the Dems. Yeah, well it’s who they ARE.

Oh, and did you notice that there is a voter fraud case mentioned here where over 300 votes look bogus, and the election was decided by 62 votes? What? And yet you say that voter fraud is so minimal as to be practically insignificant? Huh?

You think that fraud doesn’t change elections? Then you are a blind fool. Wake up Bud!

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Gee, I wonder if

31 Jul

this will get much mainstream media attention.

No, just kidding! I don’t wonder. It won’t be the top story for months and lead the nightly news, like it would be if Trump (or any Republican)  were the actor in question. Since it is a prominent Democrat from a swing state, it will be barely a blip on the MSM radar if it is even mentioned at all. DUH!

I just wish we had a watchdog media, not a yapping lapdog media. There are (at least) two ways they promulgate “fake news: The first is they make an outright false claim. But the second is just that they fail to talk about events that are hurtful to their position. Both are forms of dishonesty and deception. There is just NO reason to believe the yammerings of the MSM. A lie is an effort to deceive, even a tacit one. No one has ever given me a reason to trust the MSM–it has always been assumed as a “given” but never actually argued. So tell me, just why should I believe them? And try to avoid the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority.” I’m not buying.

Oh, I found a photo of the MSM and their response to Trump:

They.. have… crazy eyes!

So just why did the gov’t allow his wife and kids to leave the country? It’s almost like there was collusion somewhere!

But the Democrats will tell us to move along and that there is nothing to see here. Nice. There is no voter fraud. Democrats care about the poor and minorities and Republicans don’t. There aren’t the ‘droids you are looking for…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bellyful of Lefty hypocrisy. I’ve had enough. I am not susceptible to this “Old Jedi Mind Trick.” No wonder Trump won.


I really hope

31 Jul

the link works. It is behind a stupid paywall. I hate that.

But the bottom line is that Trump is threatening to put a stop to the subsidization of congressional staffers so they actually bear the cost of Obamacare. They get to avoid the costs of Obamacare right now, while us plebs are forced into it. If that were to change, Obamacare would be gone within a month. That should tell you all there is to know. Of course, as it is now the rest of us have to bear the burden of this pig…

I mean, how hypocritical is it to say that your staff/employees get off scot-free while the rest of us suffer without that option? Truly, it is sickening hypocrisy.

The truth is that I very badly want this to happen. This is just not fair. What, are some animals more equal than others? This just reeks. I smell a sort of Monarchism, and it emanates from DC.

Activists including Heritage Action, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, have proposed that Mr. Trump’s administration change a rule promulgated by the Office of Personnel Management during the Obama administration that allows members of Congress and their staff to obtain subsidized insurance…

Obamacare totally sucks, and yet many of us are forced into it. The phrase, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” comes to mind. And I’m not even a Virginian.

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Vee haff vays

31 Jul

of making you get a license.

I’m telling you, state licensing laws are a bunch of crap and there is NO evidence to support them. There is a BIG payout to someone who sues the state licensing board. BIG.


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More and more,

31 Jul

it seems like someone should get to the bottom of this. It may well be that there was indeed collusion with the Russians, but it was by Hillary and not Donald. Though honestly, that would not be much of a shock. Not at all.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Hillary accused an opponent of doing what SHE is, in fact, doing.

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The hand that wrings the hanky rules the world.

31 Jul

Many times you hear that one should “stick to the issues” and not engage in personal attacks, that logic is what wins elections, not invective.


That is merely what the Left says in order to trash you. It sounds good, but it is a lie. It makes you play the wrong game entirely, and of course you lose.

This is long. Sorry. But I can’t explain this concept without some length.

Donald Trump famously is devoid of a strong philosophical base, yet he absolutely crushed Hillary, who did have a strong philosophical base. He beat a large number of very established Republicans, too. Why?

Because he didn’t stick to the issues. He focused on mocking the other rather than putting forth a plan of government. He hung memorable monikers on the opposition, like “Little Marco” and “Crooked Hillary.”

Reagan instinctively did that, too. Yes, Reagan was firmly grounded in facts and good sense, but do you recall anything about his race with Jimmy Carter? If you do, it is almost for sure Reagan’s line in the debate of, “There you go again!” That was not policy. Yet Reagan was losing before and ended up winning—it was the pivot point of the entire election. I would argue that it was the most important thing Reagan ever said. This man was extraordinarily well-versed in policy and was intellectually brilliant, yet the most important thing he ever said (at least electorally) was NOT substantive, it was hammering Jimmy Carter in that way. Think about it.

I am in a wheelchair. But maybe you don’t understand the power of being a cripple. The joke with a good friend of mine at one place I work shows this. She is solidly mid-management. We often talk. She is pretty no-nonsense and is, in fact, an Administrative Law Judge.

One day I said something funny but rather cutting to her in private (not about her). It was rather “dark humor.” She laughed and then said, “Others should know how horrible you are!” I said to her, “You should tell them, but the question I have is, ‘Why do you hate cripples so? Is it that I remind you of your own frailties and mortality?

I told her to go ahead and tell on me. That will only make people think she is a brute and that I am the real victim, here. Go ahead. See, I will win any contest with her because I am in a wheelchair. So go right ahead. Tell on me. See if that helps you. See if saying the cripple is a liar and a jerk is good for you. She laughed bitterly, but it is obviously true.

The fact is that I may be a liar and a jerk, but if you say that I will just put on a “sad puppy” face and with a hitch in my voice say, “I’m sorry I am a cripple—I must be a constant reminder to you of your own weaknesses. I’ll try to do better!” Then let’s see how people react. Stick a fork in you, you’re done!

Note that I am NOT challenging the substance of the criticism. No, not at all. But understand that the hand that wrings the hanky rules the world. The power is in the name-calling, not in the policy.

Think of the Left and its electoral strategy and what has worked for them. They do NOT want to argue issues—their political philosophy stinks and is very weak and on those grounds they lose badly. They get crushed. So they say, “Why do you hate poor people and other races?” THAT is the route they take.

Now of course Conservatives don’t “get this,” and certainly are not “haters” of any kind, but now they are stuck explaining that they are not demons from Hell rather than discussing the policy issues. Game, set, match to Democrats. Here is the lesson: Don’t argue facts, put on the sad puppy face and ask why they hate cripples so.

Republicans NEED a candidate in a wheelchair, so to speak. And that wheelchair bound-ness needs to be quite open for the Republican. That is an overwhelming strength, not a weakness.

And if the other side points out that you are a manipulative jerk? Just get a quivering lip and say, “Why do you hate cripples so? I guess it constantly reminds you of your own weakness and mortality. I’ll try [hitch] to do better.”

The hand that wrings the hanky rules the world.

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So what makes

31 Jul

you think that there is no significant voter fraud. Huh? Just how do you know? On what logical grounds are you standing? Why should I believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon?

Why on earth would a rational person think there is no voter fraud? If you care one whit about data and science, you know that OF COURSE there is significant voter fraud. DUH! All the available evidence show very clearly that there is a bunch of fraud, and only intellectual midgets or total rubes are fooled by the likes of the NYT on this. <shakes head>

If Lefties were not scared spitless, they would have no problem with an investigation. But they are dropping brinks in their pants right now because they KNOW that there is indeed massive fraud and this investigation is the “click” they hear right before the trap door on the scaffolds swings free.

Some states are refusing to give data, but that is just the death throes of the stupid ostrich folks. They are frantically having a seizure in hopes that this diverts attention and it is not revealed, totally discrediting them.

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