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Oh yeah,

31 Aug

this is fair. Not.

The mask has slipped…

Look, I don’t give a crap what Mueller says. He is NOT a reliable source.


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I think there is very good evidence

31 Aug

that the DNC “hack” was an inside job. There was never any actual evidence that there was a “Russian hack.” This was always grammaw’s self-serving excuse for how she got rejected by the American people. She could not stomach the thought that they hated her because she really was a corrupt and vindictive old bitty.

What almost for sure happened was that a staffer was angry about Hillary, the MSM, and the DNC conspiring together to torpedo Bernie Sanders (may he run again–please). So the staffer downloaded sensitive information to a “thumb” drive and then gave it to the public. There was no “Russian hack.”

Here’s a quote: Up to this point, Russiagate has been notable as an irrational, self-levitating media jihad devoid of any material-supporting evidence. Now, thanks to the VIPS experts, the Russia-hacking story — the very genesis of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory — appears to have been affirmatively and convincingly undercut.

Uhm, there was never a “hack.” There is not now and there never was a good reason for Mueller at all. Pack it up, Mueller! Your cakes and ale have officially run out. Now you’re just milking the system! If he had a shred of decency he would wrap this up tomorrow morning. Sure, he might throw some poor Scooter Libby type in jail for remembering things differently than they appeared in his or her day planner, but it is quite clear that there was no “Russian hack.”


Well, when you

31 Aug

elect a Democrat, you end up paying more in taxes than you pay for food and clothes. THAT is one reason you NEVER vote for a Democrat! They just have not shown fiscal responsibility or restraint.

And don’t be fooled. If you depend upon government for your sustenance, you are careful not to offend them. THAT is why Democrats always want to increase spending. You just shut up and do what they say (though it is almost always cloaked in the garb of helping people)…

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30 Aug

This kind of crap makes any thinking and moral person very glad the Hillary lost to Trump.

It is just horrible. Right, I’m just sure that the public has no interest whatsoever in this stuff. Do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid?

Ho-lee CRAP!

This lady is as crooked and corrupt as the day is long. Anyone who says electing Donald Trump was not the only moral option is a blamed fool and certainly not in touch with reality. Anything else was helping the corrupt Hillary. It was NOT moral. To not vote for Trump was immoral, plain and simple. I’m not sure I can be any more plain. Own it! Say it with me: “I was bamboozled into helping Hillary by either voting for her directly or throwing away my vote on some loser charlatan and thus–helping Hillary indirectly. I’m sorry and I will be far more careful and wise in the future.”

There. Now go, and be bamboozled no more. You have to humble yourself and admit your mistakes before you can change…



30 Aug

The Empire Strikes Back. The “deep state” has ways of damaging you…

I know that Lefties and Trump haters (though I repeat myself) dearly hope that Mueller will save their bacon. And he might–he is a hardcore Leftist who has assembled a team of hardcore Leftists intent on dinging Trump. I mean, it won’t be collusion with the Russians or anything but it may be a Scooter Libby gig where in an interview one’s memory doesn’t jive with one’s calendar (the “crime” is “lying” to investigators).

They may indeed succeed. The laws are so complicated that virtually anyone could be prosecuted–that is the purpose of complicated laws! In any case, the Mueller thing has gone on far too long already. If there were obvious crimes, it would be clear by now. So in desperation Mueller is using Gestapo tactics to “squeeze” Paul Manafort. Yes, it is desperation. Vee haff vays…

But I still consider Mueller’s findings (whatever they are) to be total bullcrap. If he finds nothing, it is just because it was just hidden too well, right? If he finds something it is almost for sure a steaming pile of dung. And he will at least throw some poor schmuck in jail to justify a Special Counsel in the first place. I just don’t care WHAT he finds. I know very well that he is not an honest broker in the first place. So he can kiss my butt. What a freakin’ LOSER!

This whole thing is a travesty, a sick, sick joke. Fair-minded people are disgusted by this. Mueller just needs to get the heck out of Dodge–nothing he does is credible. And yet some innocent Scooter Libby type will go to jail.

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30 Aug

is the currency of the Left. They have no reason, no logic, only outrage.

And they use that outrage to stymie efforts toward voter integrity. They love voter fraud! It is what keeps them in business.

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Male Privilege

29 Aug

in actionL

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Let’s be honest.

29 Aug

The Left is congenitally violent. It is who they are, and who they have been from time immemorial. This is NOT a new conflict. In fact, it is the original one. If you are on the Left, you are getting totally snookered. Open your eyes, for Pete’s sake!

Yeah, Leftism fools the rubes. It talks about caring for the poor and being kind and all that, but it is all a big lie. At heart it is all about force and violence and lack of moral agency. And it fools those with the very best of intentions. In fact, it preys on good intentions. How sad!

Don’t be immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s time to wake up. You think you are being moral, but you’re not. You have been “flipped” in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu.

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I keep telling you,

29 Aug

the Left is violent.

Please, don’t be confused. This is who the left IS. It is totally in line with their political philosophy.


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Go ahead and hate on Trump.

28 Aug

But he is still doing better than if we had followed you bed-wetters who threw their votes away in a hissy fit of pique, giving aid and comfort to Hillary. Own it! You were freakin’ WRONG! MacMullin?! Oh puh-leeze! Get that loser out of here! What on earth were you smoking? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t legal. Hello, McFly?

And almost for sure Trump has done a real service to the country by bashing the Lefty news media. And he is right.

Quote: But the country saw what it saw and all the lies in the world won’t wash the images away. The left is violent, and the mainstream left covers for them.

Yes, the Left is violent. They are immoral. And yes, the MSM covers for them. I find both things morally disgusting. It would be an utter moral degradation to be a Lefty. I’m not sure I could make this any plainer.