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NEVER change, Hillary!

30 Sep


The Democrat party is not out of the woods, yet.

I really hope she runs for President again. She has said she won’t, but she is a liar.

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Do college sports

30 Sep

need to change radically?

It’s a good question. What we are doing now clearly doesn’t work.

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The truth is

30 Sep

that the NFL  has prospered because they were exempted from normal rule. But I think the recent protests really put that in jeopardy.There are many of us who would be fine with things changing in that regard, and that would mean the end of the NFL as we know it.

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The last line

29 Sep

here is extraordinarily important. Here it is:

Never Trump friends should acknowledge that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, she would have appointed a justice to succeed Antonin Scalia who would have voted to keep public employees in a state of involuntary servitude to the unions, and the Democratic Party, forever.

We really dodged a bullet, there! No. Question.

The temptation is for some to turn up their noses and sniff that Trump is a barbarian and that another person in 2016 would have been better. Hence the illogical and irrational Never-Trump crowd. It is a mind-numbingly stupid position. And it goes without saying that it is and always has been totally wrong.

There simply WAS no other reasonable option! It is pure madness and screwed-up thinking to say otherwise. There was no other choice! Oh sure, there were a couple third-party losers, but they had feet of clay and there was NO reason to throw away my vote on one of them, anyway–it’s not like they had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning! And it’s also not like any of the “other” candidates would have been half as good as Trump. No, voting f0r one of them would have demonstrated a serious lack of judgment. I won’t go down that idiotic path.

And I have voted third-party! I voted for Romney (wrote in) instead of McCain. Well, that was because McCain was a total loser! Now Romney has some very real faults, IMHO, but in both that election and the next one he was clearly the best option–BOTH of the other options would have been catastrophic. I didn’t not vote for McCain because I didn’t fancy sharing a pizza with him. It’s also not that I didn’t vote for him because he is a butt-head (and he is). I didn’t vote for him because he is a person with whom I disagreed on almost every important issue! I thought (correctly) that he is just not reliable. And subsequent event have shown the wisdom of my position.

Look, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. By that measure, Trump has done quite well. You don’t have to like him, but he was clearly the best option in November of 2016. Clearly. Admit it–it’s time to come clean!


Bill Whittle

29 Sep

is absolutely worth watching, He speaks the truth. Watch it!

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His “legacy of despair”

29 Sep

lives on.

With the death of Hugh Hefner we are all subject to all sorts of hagiographies and justifications of his life’s evil work. But don’t be fooled–it is evil.

But even though (like all Satanic temptations) it is couched in “happy talk” and unicorns and (in this case, scantily-clad and sexy) fairies, the real fruit of pornography is misery. Misery for men who fall into its clutches, and misery for the women “performers” who are chewed up and spit out and are merely “a great rack” or “a nice butt.” Misery for wives whose hearts and hopes are laid waste by their unprincipled and addicted husbands. Misery for children who don’t have parents that cherish and are faithful to each other, who set a terrible example of lack of self-control and wallowing in putrid mud. Misery for all! And all at bargain-basement prices. At least upfront.

For $9.99 (or even free!) you can have a fantasy of unlimited power and attractiveness! And there is no shortage of those who are willing to sell you that. But it is a mirage, a mere simulacrum.

Hefner’s “danger” is that he (with the willing help of others) made it socially OK to go down this dark path. He whispered, “I am no devil, for there is none!” And there have always been many willing and eager to believe that lie. For money and physical gratification you sell your soul. And you sell it cheap.

Hugh Hefner is dead. But his bitter legacy lives on.


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And this is extraordinarily

29 Sep


If you have never owned your own business, if you have never eaten only what you could kill, this probably doesn’t mean a ton to you.

But if you have ever been an executive (rather than just a worker bee), you know that this is absolutely HUGE. Hee-yoooj.

Part of the problem with Obama was that not only was he a rigid ideologue, but he had never been an executive—you know, meet payroll and hire/fire and make strategic direction decisions, put in “sweat equity,” all under the heavy hand of regulators. Trump has. Game, set, match.

I’m NOT saying that being a “worker bee” in not important or honorable–it is. But being a decent executive is a far different thing. FAR different.

If you have a choice, you never vote for a person who has not lived off their own business. Never.

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I call this

29 Sep

The Toilet Spiral.”

Look, if this happens for long, people will no longer really care–they will come to the stunning realization that they don’t really miss it. And the NFL will become a “niche” player only.

Such are the wages of foolishness…

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Here is perhaps the

29 Sep

underlying reason people hate the MSM: They criticize what is very obviously the truth. And they very obviously do it out of political hack-ism.

I understand that you may or may not agree with that position, but there really is no question that this is the position the founding fathers took. You may not buy into natural rights, but to preserve a shred of intellectual honesty, you have to acknowledge that the founders did. You have to acknowledge that it is a defensible position even today.

A real intellectual presses his or her point. He or she argues from a logical and defensible position. A poseur just calls names and acts affronted. They play the “special snowflake” card because they really got nothing.

This is buffoonery. This is NOT intellectual seriousness. This is just the illogical and ahistorical whining of the soi-disant “smart set” who have been beaten to a pulp and have nothing to defend themselves. Nothing. This is just a temper tantrum, and should be accorded all the weight and seriousness that temper tantrums merit.

And you think that this guy is a trustworthy source of information? You fool.

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So my question

28 Sep

is this: Now that Strange has lost to Moore, is this a shot toward Mitch McConnell? I think it likely is.

I agree with several pundits that this is NOT a vote against Trump. Moore was far more Trumpian than Strange, even though Trump himself (rather half-heartedly) endorsed and even campaigned for Strange. The Trump moment is not over, and even Trump himself can succumb to it.

But McConnell was a huge Strange booster. And a major part of what sunk “Big Luther” was being tied to McConnell.

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