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So, according to you

16 Dec

is THIS what justice and truth look like?

If you think so, I just have one question for you: What color is the sky in YOUR world?


Tell me,

16 Dec

are you surprised? If so, you are a fool. and don’t know diddley about the economy.

Now matter how much you kvetch and whine, just admit that this economic growth is no accident. Far from it.

It is sure nice to have someone competent at the helm. That is a HUGE change from the previous state of the country. Just admit the plain fact, here: Obama was a raging Leftist and his Leftist policies resulted in a sucky economy, a terrible military, and horrible foreign policy. All three of those things are finally starting to get better.


The Lefty “collusion” nonsense collapses:

16 Dec

And a Lefty congressman has a sad:

Schiff is having a bit of a meltdown. His collusion narrative collapsed, his obstruction narrative collapsed, and top executive branch investigators are being revealed as Hillary partisans and as friends of Fusion GPS. So now Schiff is introducing a new narrative: the reason why Democrats have no evidence to prove their collusion claims is because a year-long investigation wasn’t nearly long enough. It’s objectively an absurd argument, but that’s all he’s got left.

Tell me again just why Mueller is still there? It’s utter foolishness. Yes, he is dangerous. And he will make some low-level Scooter Libby-esque charges in order to try and justify both his own existence and the millions upon millions of dollars this stupid witch-hunt has cost the taxpayers. At some point, though, enough is enough. <sheesh!>

Look, there is just nothing to the Trump/Russia collusion nonsense. There never was! Trust me, if there had been one iota of evidence for that Hillary never would have conceded. She only did so because she had nothing. And it wasn’t even close. THAT is why the old Harpy conceded.

If there had been anything, Mueller would have had something in TEN months! But he has…NOTHING. Maybe someone who was once associated with Trump did something wrong 12 years ago, before he had actually ever worked for Trump. But that’s it. EAT IT, LEFTIES!

Ever since the demise of Felonia von Pantsuit the thumb-sucker Lefty losers have been in a perpetual snit. The crybaby “Never-Trump” republicans have also stamped their feet and held their breath until they turned blue. Grow the heck up, both of you! You guys need to lose a lot so you can learn how to deal with it. Well, I really hope you have plenty of time to learn…

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How STOOPID does

16 Dec

Krugman look? What a freakin’ moron!

Only a total fool looks to the NY Times for economic guidance.

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Here’s something

16 Dec

to make you holier-than-thou bumpkins explode your head: Trump has made our government more moral.

But the actual reasoning is unassailable.

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FCC scraps

15 Dec

the execrable ‘Net Neutrality” rules . They are gone.

Good. They were a total nightmare. Utter foolishness. Utter.

Having looked into it, I can tell you that it is clearly and obviously a pile of crap. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just wrong and at best sorely and sadly mislead. They may well be technically brilliant, but are theoretically lacking.

I’ve certainly seen that combination before.



15 Dec

Trump has now pared back some onerous regulations.

Trump is getting a ton done. And if you think Hillary would done any of this stuff you are a raving lunatic!

I know that there have been some setbacks on Obamacare and other horrors, but we are simply too often unaware of these other things that are of such immense importance.

This is a reprieve for the nation. If you voted for Hillary or some 3rd-party Hillary stalking horse, you are a fool. Total and complete fool.


The “independent” counsel is

15 Dec

not really independent at all. At all. From a moral perspective, I don’t really give a crap WHAT he says.  He certainly is not a fair and impartial investigator. No, he is a Javert, a captain Ahab, maniacally driven to seek his own particular Trumpian white whale–in fact, he has personalized license plates on his car that say, “Pequod” and he has a fake leg made of whale bone that he puts in his office.

Just call me “Ishmael.”  And may Mueller meet Ahab’s ultimate fate (professionally, anyway).

But this whole thing is a farce, an insult to intelligence, good sense, and justice. I am NOT amused…


So tell me,

15 Dec

just why is Hillary still in a surgical boot? She said she just broke her toe. You don’t think she was LYING, do you? Gee, the observed facts don’t lie. Hillary does, though. She is famous for her chronic mendacity.


The MSM need to learn

15 Dec

that one can’t cry “wolf”repeatedly (with accusations being totally empty) too many times before people just ignore you as an annoying but empty gadfly. If you repeatedly show that you are untrustworthy,  people will eventually ignore you. And THAT is exactly what you are seeing happening.

And THAT is precisely what the MSM have done in regard to Trump. The latest gaffe is that CNN breathlessly reported that Trump Jr. got important information from (who else?) the Russians before it was public, and that proves illegal collusion!

Well, it turns out that all these “layers of fact-checkers” all (deliberately?) mis-read the date on the email. It was actually just a garden-variety fan reporting what was already publicly released. CNN has yet to admit that they screwed up. But everyone knows that they did. DUH!

And of course they won’t admit it. Because the next obvious question is, “If you screwed up on something as simple as this, what else have you said that is unreliable?” Maybe “The Most Trusted Name In News” is just an advertising schtick meant to fool the rubes! Like the letter my sister-in-law showed me of a company selling “Real Faux Diamonds!” at an amazingly good price for diamonds.  Yeah, in French the word “faux” translates to … false. In this case, glass chips. As a girl in her early 20s, she naturally was fooled and thought they were actual diamonds. As a Francophone, I filled her in.

The solution? Truth and honesty. If the MSM reported with truth and honesty people would believe them again. They need a diverse set of employees (diverse in viewpoint, not merely skin color). Yes, it would take 5 years or so, but they would regain their credibility. Right now, the MSM is just another word for… false.