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Yeah, Chucky’s

23 Jan

the worst negotiator in Washington, D.C. But truth be told, he had a pretty crappy hand to begin with. There were just no other decent options open to him. So one can criticize, but it’s not like he had a strong hand, anyway. You can only bluff for so long, and finally somebody “calls.” THEN we see who actually has the cards and who is just a poseur. In this case, we say to Democrats, “Read ’em and weep!”

Here, it’s pretty dang clear which was which.

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Can Democrats preserve

23 Jan

a shred of dignity?

Folks, they got worked. From start to finish they got worked.

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Yeah, the

23 Jan

Democrats got spanked, and hard, in the shutdown deal. There really is no doubt about that.

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It really

23 Jan

is mind-boggling lawlessness.

I’ve dealt with criminals all my professional life. Yeah, I know criminality when I see it. I guess what is disheartening is how it is treated with total impunity, like it is something as minor as a bad haircut or pants that don’t really match the shirt.


Hmmm. Democrats are

23 Jan

eating their own over the massive Democrat cave on the Schumer Shutdown. Should I be sad because the huge backlash for the Democrats (both internal and external)?

‘Cuz I’m not.

Not even a little. The Dems stood on VERY weak ground and they got beaten like a rented mule. They needed to roll double sixes–nothing else worked. And they got a four and a three. They were stupid to go down that path in the first place! Can Schumer lead?

And now, with the precedent set, on what grounds can Schumer make any kind of squawk next time? It seems that the channel has been cut and the next time the water comes it will likely flow in the very same way. Plus, many people will already be getting bonuses and will be able to see and feel Trump’s tax relief! The atmosphere will NOT be better for Dems next time!

Schumer is NOT a particularly smart man. He never should have started down this dark path! I guess he just stupidly thought that Democrats would automatically win the public approval in budget battles. Well, he thought wrong. The fact that he caved so quickly means the he saw some polling data that showed the bulk of the people against him.



23 Jan


I think Trump is a pragmatist with Conservative leanings. But it is true that he has really found his Conservative footing.


You know, there are REAL

22 Jan

problems and they go far, far beyond mere political ones. They are characterological.

I’m entirely willing to believe that she originally thought she was part Cherokee — lots of families think they have some sort of American Indian ancestry, and many (perhaps most) are wrong. But her real crime wasn’t in being wrong, it was in doubling down and refusing to admit the possibility of error once people questioned her. That character is neither appealing, nor good for a presidential candidate. Much less a president.


I think the Schumer Shutdown

22 Jan

may well lead to the Republicans “going nuclear.” Then they would  need 51 votes, not 60. And they would do a real budget, not some cheesy CR that would have to be re-visited in a few weeks.

I’m not at all sure Democrats know what’s good for them. Schumer doesn’t exactly have the greatest judgment. I mean, the Democrats went “nuclear” on judge nominations and look what happened! Brilliant. We can thank the numb-nut Harry Reid for THAT. For Republicans he is the gift that just keeps on giving.

So the Dems need to be very careful, here. Because the Republicans just might start playing hardball.


Oh, the dog

22 Jan

ate my homework! Riiiiiight. Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

C’mon, do YOU really believe this? Really? I sure as heck don’t, But then again I’m neither stupid nor gullible. Nor am I a mindless hack. But maybe YOU are and YOU buy this load of crap. Okey-dokey, then…

Look, I don’t doubt that the texts have, uh, conveniently been destroyed. But it very certainly was no accident. It was a conspiracy. There is a freakin’ mountain of circumstantial evidence for that. In the immortal words of Auric Goldfinger, ONCE is an accident, TWICE is a coincidence. But THREE times is enemy action. We are way past three, here.

This kind of blatant corruption/criminality is just maddening. And yet no one goes to jail. And THAT, my friend, is why it keeps happening. “Wipe it? Like with a cloth?” Wow. “I didn’t know about all those classified emails!” I didn’t know I caused all those people in Benghazi to get killed!”

Uh, OF COURSE! It is just disgusting. Why someone isn’t going to jail over this is a straight-up miscarriage of justice.

Remember THIS come November. Vote the bums and criminals out! And bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win. Get rid of these criminals!

It is time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!

Here we see the face of corruption (appropriately dressed in orange):

Uh, I dunno! Like with a cloth?



There is starting

22 Jan

to be flight out of Western Europe.

From about 1850 to about 1900 there was significant immigration to the U.S. from Western Europe. My great-grandmother’s native language was Swedish. Think about that. I never knew her, but I knew her sister! And I just turned 50. In other words, this is well within living memory.

My son now lives in Norway, and he is constantly mistaken for a native. He speaks Norwegian with an accent so it is clear that he is actually not. But if he doesn’t open his mouth he is assumed to be a native. He looks Norwegian (oh, and his mother is also of Swedish descent).

Could it happen again? Yes. Yes it could.

My prediction is this: If Trump policies really take hold and then Mike Pence is elected President, we will see major immigration from Western Europe. And I would bet that it is again predominantly from the British Isles and Scandinavia. It will probably get progressively lighter as we go further south in Europe.