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Pretty nice.

19 Jan

I guess the Trump tax reforms are working!

Tell me again why on earth you could possible want Trump gone?

Vote the Democrat bums out come November! Bring a friend to the polls! This looming shutdown is a prime example. Republicans want and have indeed voted for an extension. It is the Democrats who  want to shut the government down unless millions of illegal aliens are allowed to squat here. Disgusting! Vote these bums out!


Look, Schumer

19 Jan

has always been a dishonest buffoon.

We need to vote the idiots out!



19 Jan

small businesses are already investing their tax saving in growth.

I guess if you’ve never owned your own business and lived off your own success ONLY, you don’t really get this. That’s why, if there is any choice, you NEVER vote for someone who has not lived off only what they could kill.

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19 Jan

are fooling themselves.

Tax reform is not amazingly popular, huh?


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19 Jan

GPS admits that it went public to salvage Hillary’s campaign. Wow. Read it carefully. And weep for the Republic. HILLARY has inflicted all this on us! Even those of us who are honest are damaged by her corruption. It’s a total bombshell.

And Democrats in Congress lied about it. Think about it–they lied to you. And they want you to vote for them in November. Wow. Talk about chutzpah! Now there is an out-of-control “Special Prosector” because of that (and he sure is “special“) .

Vote the Democrat filthy bums out of office! Be sure to go vote, and bring at least one friend. Don’t allow these bastards to win! Ho-lee crap! Get rid of them. NOW!

It would an absolute moral humiliation to be in any way associated with the Democrats these days! I really don’t mind disagreement, but this is rank dishonesty. It didn’t used to be this way, but it sure is now.


Yes, this

18 Jan

is the plan:

The Democrats need to keep their base in a continuous state of unyielding rage until November 6 so they can win back the Senate and gain seats in the House. The best way to do that is to amplify every single outrageous thing Trump says (or allegedly says).

Yep, that is exactly what Democrats and their suck-up toadies at the NY Times and CNN are doing. And they are going to keep on doing it at least through the November elections. Longer, if it works. Don’t let the bastards win!

So if you are mad and hate Trump, know that you have been successfully manipulated. You need to take a hard look at yourself. You just got rooked.



18 Jan

weird, eh?

Well, weird if you are a total moron! HELLO? MCFLY? Don’t let this kind of Trump stuff stop. DO NOT vote for a Democrat in November of 2018! THIS is the kind of stuff we get from Trump being President.

And understand well, the Democrats fought tooth and nail against this–against tax reform. They are STILL butt-hurt about it! And if they get half a chance, they will impeach President Trump (for what I honestly don’t know–they just have an irrational hatred of him and they get loose bowels thinking about how he has discredited them) and bring all progress to a screeching halt. They want you dirt poor and dependent on THEM for a handout. It’s who they ARE. For them, the more misery the better. It suits their egos and their pocketbooks.

Don’t let them do this! Folks, this is IMPORTANT! Don’t let the bastards win…

If Republicans gain seats in 2018, the economic boom will be nothing short of stunning.

It used to be that one could morally vote for a Democrat. Heck, I’ve done it myself. But no longer–those days are gone. The Democrats have moved far from where they once were. To the hard Left. I don’t care if it is your mother running as the Democrat now. Don’t vote for her! Don’t have to look back and tell your kids and grandkids that YOU voted for ruin! Avoid that fate. Vote the Democrat bums out! 2018 is the year to get rid of those hacks.


I know some of

18 Jan

you have your eyes glaze over when we talk about cybersecurity, but you need to understand the risks.

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Uh, winning

18 Jan

Don’t be a total fool and a rube and try to get rid of Donald Trump or try to lessen his impact. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Honestly, only a great fool opposes Trump. Democrats WANT misery for you! They would rather you be miserable than for them to be proven wrong beyond doubt. THAT’s where their priorities lie. And  THAT is why they frantically oppose Trump. I find that immoral. Truly despicable. That’s why aiding and abetting them is not only logically hosed up, but morally wrong, as well.

It’s time for the people to rise up and throw the bums out. Yeah, don’t let the bastards win…


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Do you not know

18 Jan

winning when you see it? Honestly, why on God’s green earth would anyone of room temperature IQ or better want to see Trump out of office? It is just utter and complete foolishness!

Get out and vote Conservative in November! Don’t let the bastards win.