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If you are anti-Trump

20 Feb

and want him gone, you are an economic idiot.

Wake up and smell the coffee!



20 Feb

any day now.



20 Feb

those sites that are blocking you out if you don’t subscribe or have and ad blocker. I try never to even link to them. If you find one on my site, please let me know!

It really makes me angry.

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Yeah, but

20 Feb

don’t worry.

Remember, the guy who countenanced these two is the very same guy who is investigating Trump. You heard me right…


So just how would gun confiscation work?

20 Feb

I mean what are the nuts a bolts of the program? And how would it avoid a civil war? It seems like a lot of people would just say that they don’t have a gun, even if they do. So there would have to be a search of the house. But many people would just store their guns at a friend’s house during the search.

In the event of real necessity, hey, it’s way better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6! And is there even jail/prison space? It’s not hard to justify resistance in the face of despotism.

And there is hardly even close to enough police to search everyone. With multiple visits (un-announced) you would catch more, but it’s not like you have that many people, especially if part of the force is quite sympathetic to gun ownership. I mean, you might get a big army of Javerts, but probably not.

The most you could do is close down big factories, but even now a motivated layman can pretty easily make their own gun (think about what it will  be like in 5 or 10 years!). Plus, there are already hundreds of millions of guns out there! But no Internet, because that could support dissension. They would also have to control publishing.

And the above is assuming there are not decades of court challenges–and there would be. Gun-grabbers would quickly be voted out, so there could be no representative Democracy. So not only are you getting rid of guns, but you are getting rid of the country as we now know it.

How would this NOT lead to civil war?


Heard nationwide:

20 Feb

Democrats saying, “Ruh-Ro Shaggy!”


Is the Flynn indictment

20 Feb


This is the ONLY significant “coup” for Mueller, and suddenly it is looking quite shaky. There really is little else. THIS was the strongest thing he had? I dunno. He certainly led with it. I know Lefties are having fantasies about Mueller finding something else, but that is a delusion, a hashish-pipe dream. We’re into the realm of heroin, here. At most they will find that the valet didn’t share tips as agreed.

If Mueller did indeed hide exculpatory stuff from Flynn, he (Mueller) is going to get absolutely pasted by the judge. The whole case would then very likely bet thrown out completely.

But there are real issues, here.


Trudeau’s mother

20 Feb

had a well known affair with Fidel Castro. Huh. Just sayin’…


So, the Seth Rich

20 Feb

murder is tied to Hillary and the DNC “hack.” Hmmm. But Mueller doesn’t want to know. Quelle surprise

Look, I’ve long told you that the Mueller investigation is not about justice. Seth Rich was a “hit” because he knew too much. This much is undeniably clear–don’t be a buck-toothed rube!

And remember this come November. Get out and VOTE. And bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win…


In the end,

20 Feb

ALL Leftist movements eat their own.

Yes, I feel bad for Triffin. I have been an adjunct professor many times in the past (though I’m very glad that I left the academy) and I have some idea of what he is facing. Still, let’s not be confused–this is the Left eating their own.