Look, guns save lives!

30 Jan

I know that the left wants to ascribe criminality to guns, but they ignore the fact that people use guns to keep themselves safe.


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  1. Oregonian

    January 30, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    I like reading these interesting, pro-gun experiences that you post but I’m always put off a bit by the tone of the stories. Why do all the gun nuts speak as if they’re a Navy Seal?

    Here are some examples with [my translation]:
    …I then stepped out of the vehicle [got out of my car/truck]
    …draw my revolver from concealment [drew my revolver from my holster/bag/wherever it was]
    …stop the threat [kill the man]
    …in a self-defense situation [attacked]
    …secure a family member against an intruder [protect a family member…]

    I realize the gun nut culture and the military are understandably kindred spirits but I think the NRA and its PR flunkies might win a few more converts to their cause if their backers sounded more like normal people.

    I know you may take offense with the adjective normal here but I mean it sincerely. To those who favor gun control, the “2nd-amendment-is-sacred” crowd don’t sound like normal people. I know the reverse is true too but it’s something the NRA may want to think about from a PR standpoint.

    • Gregor Mendel

      January 30, 2013 at 4:41 pm

      I think there is indeed a divide, and it is shown in language. But truth is truth…

      And the Navy SEALs I have known (many) don’t talk like that.