03 Feb


Hardcore conservatives just want to be left alone. Hardcore leftists want to kill you if you don’t do as they say. Conservatives don’t care much WHAT their neighbor does as long as it does’t cause problems, while leftists want to reach into your shower while you have shampoo on your head and turn the hot water down. They’ll make it so you can’t even BUY a working toilet.  Object a little too much and they will throw you in prison and will shoot and kill you if you try to leave. There are real differences, here. I know the left incessantly says that conservatives are dangerous, but that’s just projection.  Don’t be fearful of conservatives, be fearful of the left. THAT is the real threat. They have ALWAYS been dangerous–throughout history. The left has always had coercion as its most defining characteristic–just look at the Jacobins and Pol Pot and Stalin and the National Socialists and many, many others. But they pretend otherwise and fool people–trap them because of their good intentions.

But that’s what they do–use people’s innate goodness to ensnare them. It’s frightening, really. And it’s immoral. They foist upon us all stupid ideas that would get us killed. I reject such immorality and stupidity. To quote a bad 80s song, “I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…”

I have a good friend–a white-haired Jewish guy–who just can’t fathom this. He is too entrenched in the past to realize that he is wrong and is on the side of the oppressors. But wrong he is. He has been fooled so long by the mainstream media and others and that he is now too rigid to see things differently. But don’t kid yourself, this is a moral issue. It’s time for moral people to stand up and be counted. I think my buddy is moral, but he is duped and a victim of self-deception. Sad, really. Sometimes you have to wait for one generation to pass away before you can enter the promised land of truth.

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