Leftism is an old and tired

24 May

political philosophy. I mean, look how freakin’ ancient Hillary is and then realize that Bernie is a few years older! Yes, Bernie attracts some youth, but let’s face it, that is because a) they have Leftist professors who have little else in their repertoire and b) because Bernie’s acolytes have very little life experience and tend to be not overly bright. They lack good sense and have never provided for themselves. And they’re not going to vote, anyway. Bright, voting, competent, and experienced young people are usually not Leftists…

But the truth is that the future is NOT Leftist. Oh, there will be some other moral-agency-attacking schtick, but Leftism has been throughly discredited. Like explosive diarrhea it has finally just about run its course. For now. The facts just don’t support it, though like bad crotch rot it will never go away entirely.

You think it works? Look at Venezuela, for Pete’s sake! Leftism is the philosophy of old hippies (now mainly just wannabes) who have nothing remaining in their quivers. They have shot their wad and now have NOTHING left. Or Left.

NO thinking person under the age of 65 is a Leftist! And those Lefties who are over 65 just walk around humming “Imagine,” taking bong hits, and dropping acid. You can hear them muttering to themselves, “Power to the people!  and “Make love, not war!” while their grandkids shrink with embarrassment. And they will be gone, soon. A total waste of a generation. Total losers, unlike their parents. They are just an embarrassment. Sheesh!

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