What is the answer to terrorism?

14 Jun

It is to beat them. Kill them in their beds. Kill them while they’re on the pot. Nothing like killing them in humiliating ways to discourage them from attacking innocent people.

Our current President is a wuss and a moron–he is hopelessly stuck in the 1970s. We need someone who will have no qualms about killing terrorists while they sit on the pot. Give them the bacon bomb. drop issues of Hustler¬†on them. Let them capture a water truck full of whisky.

  1. My Oregonian

    June 14, 2016 at 9:50 am

    I wasn’t aware that terrorists in bed and terrorists on the pot were in a safe zone. Is it like tag when I was a kid and there was a tag-free zone?

    I also don’t understand the second paragraph of your post. Are these new weapons being developed by the DoD?