This could become

08 Aug

an absolutely HUGE deal for Hillary. It was easy to dismiss her security stupidity when the damage was only theoretical. We could ignore it and say that it was merely US Presidential politics when it was only theoretical.

But now we are talking about the real death of a real person! That is a totally different story. Things just got real. Now there appears to be a body count. This is a legitimate threat to Hillary.

I just think that this makes it much harder for her to skate. Comey soiled himself in getting her off legally (and Comey will never recover his honor), but the public may not be so gullible and craven.

And here is the other issue: Many hard core Conservatives were just not going to vote or (shudder) vote for Hillary because they were so torqued about Donald Trump. But this may mobilize them. So not only could it hurt her with the mushy middle (even they may not be able to tolerate this) but it could galvanize the “Never Trump” crowd into voting for Trump.

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