Yes, it is

16 Feb


Today Humana, tomorrow Aetna? Congress better get on the stick, because it is not clear how much longer this pig will keep breathing!

This was a stupid idea from the get-go. I know it was a Lefty dream and so as soon as Lefties got power they rammed it through in very irregular fashion, but they and we need to face the cold, hard fact. It don’t work. It is and always has been a dog that don’t hunt. It lays on the porch great, but it don’t hunt.

Now I fully understand that there are “barbs” and there will be pain associated with removing the Obamacare hooks, but it needs to be done. I don’t think it can be done without some pain. THIS is what happens when you elect a Lefty to the Presidency. THIS is what happens when you vote for someone like Nancy Pelosi.

Be wiser next time.

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