I think the Republicans would be

08 Mar

incredibly foolish to waffle on Obamacare:

I think the Rs are also facing an existential threat, just like the Ds are. We see that with their waffling on Obamacare. If they substantially go along with it, another party will arise and the Rs will merge with the Ds. I give it 10 years, max. And you would see a shift in the upcoming mid-term elections. The “Conservative Party” will arise if the Rs don’t get on the stick.

Either the Rs get rid of the odious Obamacare or they are toast. They control all 3 branches of government now, so there are no more freakin’ excuses. The sun is shining—they need to make hay while the sun shines… The time for bluffing and whining is over. This is an existential issue for the GOP.

They die as a party if they don’t make substantial changes–it is that simple. And this just shines a blazing spotlight on the glaring weakness.

In past days it was seen as good to get along and make concessions to the other party. Those days are over, in large part due to the Democrats. Republicans need to wise up, here.

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