09 Apr

it’s a really good question.

You know, it’s really abundantly clear: Obama was terrible on foreign relations and abysmal in domestic ones. Now Trump has to clean up his many messes. From Syria to the Obamacare fiasco to despotic government through the IRS and national security organizations, Obama left multiple steaming piles of messes. Let’s face it, Obama was incompetent.

Well, more malicious and hide-bound than mere incompetence. If he has only been incompetent there would be far less of a mess to clean up. But the combination of being a hide-bound Lefty idealist (with no rationality) and being not very good at politics (how often did Obama directly work with congress?) has been devastating.

Yes, Obama was a jerk. Yes, he was immoral. Yes, his policies were bad. Yes, his foreign policy was stupid and weak. But almost all of that could be rectified by Trump. The kicker was that he was also malicious. A great example of that is Obamacare: He designed it deliberately so that it would cause as many people as possible the most pain possible to remove it. It was a classic “barbed hook.” THAT is malicious.

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