Leftism and Lefties have NEVER been

20 Apr

real defenders of free speech. Remember, NAZIs were hard Left (mindless propaganda notwithstanding), and today’s hard left uses the exact same force that the Gestapo applied. It really is important to understand that this violence and coercion is at the very heart of Leftism. It is not an unfortunate by-product, it is the core. It sounds good, but of course the road to Hell is famously paved with good intentions.

If you value moral agency, you are NOT a Leftist. But you might be an ignoramus who assumes that one can be both a person who is on the Left and a person who values moral agency, but in point of fact you are a person who doesn’t actually value it. You can say all the right words in sweet tones, but it is ruse–it is a second language to you. And you speak it with a distinct accent.

You are a Dolores Umbridge, who has photos of cute kittens all around but who is totally fine ordering the gruesome and painful death or torture of those who don’t agree with her. A person would be lucky, indeed to escape with merely scars on the back of their hand. Like her, you are a toady (as expressed by her looks) for someone with more power and status. Understand Dolores Umbridge is the prototype for Leftism.

And as the prototype, she undoubtedly felt all morally superior. Yep, that is characteristic of the species.

See, the battle about moral agency has always been and is still raging. Eventually, you gotta stand up for what you believe. I know not what path others may take, but as for me, I am firmly on the side of moral agency.

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